Break the Spell, Part 4

It’s time again for our Tuesday night Bible study! This is also when we record the “Crazy Blessed” podcast. But if you hang out with me on Periscope, you get the LIVE and UNEDITED version! (and we get pretty crazy sometimes…)

There are TWO ways to tune in on the LIVE video stream:

1. Get the Periscope app on your phone (it looks like a turqoise teardrop), follow Hannah Keeley (look for the sunshines), and turn on your notifications.

2. Go to

If you can’t watch the live video stream and comment with us, you can always tune in and hear the audio right here:

Hey there! I’m Hannah, a mom of eight (7 by birth), a wife of one, and a lover of Jesus. I believe there is God-given greatness in everyone. And I have an insatiable desire to help them discover this and let the world see who they really are.

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