Do You Have Enough Rich Friends?

Join me and NIcole Walters (Naptural Nicole) as we talk about achieving prosperity, creating success, and how you can never have too many RICH FRIENDS!

Can I just admit that I have an incredible girl crush on Nicole Walters? Not only does she have an incredible personality, beautiful melanin, and a drop-dead smile, but this girl is a believer and loves to serve others!

You will love hearing her story of where she came from, how she got where she is today, and why it's so important to have RICH friends (don't judge til you watch!).

Leave a comment below and tell me what you are going to do TODAY to get more rich friends and become a rich friend! And make sure you check out Nicole at

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Looks like a case of... MISTAKEN IDENTITY

Has Satan committed "Identity Theft" and you don't even know it?

Do you have a case of "mistaken identity?" Has Satan committed identity theft and you don't even know it? The first step to living in victory is knowing who you are in Christ. Tune in and claim your identity today!MISTAKEN

It's time again for our Tuesday night Bible study! This is also when we record the "Crazy Blessed" podcast. But if you hang out with me on Periscope, you get the LIVE and UNEDITED version! (and we get pretty crazy sometimes...)

here are TWO ways to tune in on the LIVE video stream:

What are You Tuning Into?

Are you ready to super-charge the results you get in life? All you need to do is switch the dial, honey!

There's a lot of stuff floating around out there--positive and negative. If you want the best results in life, you've got to tune into the best stuff. How do you do that? Just watch this video and find out!video-screenshot1

Here's a quick rundown:

Proverbs 4:20 says, "Pay attention to what I say; turn your ear to my word."

In other words, you've got to turn your "ear" (tune in) to what God is trying to tell you--through His Word and through His Holy Spirit.

Break the Spell, Part 4

Are you ready to be "de-brainwashed?" It's time to know WHO you really are and WHAT you can actually do!

It's time again for our Tuesday night Bible study! This is also when we record the "Crazy Blessed" podcast. But if you hang out with me on Periscope, you get the LIVE and UNEDITED version! (and we get pretty crazy sometimes...)breaking the

There are TWO ways to tune in on the LIVE video stream:

1. Get the Periscope app on your phone (it looks like a turqoise teardrop), follow Hannah Keeley (look for the sunshines), and turn on your notifications.

Are You Talking To Yourself?

Whether you like it or not, you are. The real question is, what are you saying?

Words are so powerful!Screen1

Matthew 12:37 tells us that "For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned." The choices you are living with today in a huge part are a result of the words that came out of your mouth in the past.

Wow. That's heavy.

Stewardship with Chris Brown

Think stewardship is just about giving a few bucks to your local church? Think again! When you really understand that what is yours is God's, it changes everything.

Let me first explain something. When I told my kids I was interviewing Chris Brown, they said, "Mom! No way! How cool is that! Can I meet him? That's so D-O-P-E!" (Evidently, my kids thought it was Chris Brown, the rap artist, not Chris Brown, the money expert.) Well, rap music may be exciting. But what is even more exciting is mastering your money, and not letting it master you!stewarshipis not justabout's aboutgiving

Evidently, Chris Brown is a pretty common name. But something that is NOT common at all is stewardship. That's why I asked Chris Brown to be my guest on the "Crazy Blessed" podcast. And boy, oh boy, did that man drop some serious wisdom!

Chris Brown has a daily radio show where he provides biblical insight and expert advice to callers with questions related to handling money–including debt, wealth, retirement, and more.

Here's the ONE Thing Holding You Back

It's not your size or your strength. Only one thing is truly holding you back--and here's what to do about it.

I remember when my two youngest girls were little. They were holding hands and spinning around in circles in the living room. Klara wanted to spin Kenna around so hard that she lifted off the ground. She could see it so clearly in her mind. She would hold Kenna’s hands, spin around, and she would just come off the ground and float around her. It just made sense to her.LET GO OF YOUR LIMITS!!

After a while of trying over and over to spin Kenna off the ground, she finally took Kenna’s hands, began spinning, and said, “Okay, Kenna, now LET GO OF THE GROUND!”

Of course, Kenna kept on running around in circles, just as confused as her sister. Evidently, in this case, gravity won.

Get on Your "God Goggles"

If things just don't seem to be working out, maybe you're not looking at life through the right lens. It's probably time to get your God Goggles on!

Are your kids anything like my kids? When I give them a chore to do, they do it. But they do it according to their standards. If they empty the trash, there may be some bits and pieces left behind on the floor. If they pick up the floor, there may be some items left scattered in the corner. In their minds, they think they got the job done. In my mind, they came really, really close.GET ON YOUR GOD GOGGLES!

The other day, one of my daughters had the job to pick up the living room. When she came in for breakfast and said she had finished her chores, I went into the living room to check. There were still some books on the floor, socks wadded up beside the sofa, and some cups on the end table.

“Could you go back and check your zone? I saw a few more things that need to be picked up,” I said.

Don't THINK about Failure. Just do it!

A French naked dude taught me something this weekend. If there is one thing to think about when it comes to failure it's this...DON'T THINK ABOUT IT!

This Valentine's Day, Blair and I went to see the Rodin exhibit at our local fine arts museum. Or as Blair said in his Instagram, "I spent the afternoon looking at French naked dudes." I just thought it was going to be a fun way to spend a couple of hours together, but I learned a powerful lesson about failure.IMG_7191

As you probably already know, Rodin is widely known for his famous sculpture, The Thinker. It was amazing to see this huge statue up close and personal. I could have reached out and touched it (if it weren't for those "hands off" signs)! The exhibit was titled, "Rodin: Evolution of a Genius" and it was obvious to see that this man truly was a genius. It was not only a fantastic Valentine's Day date; but it was also incredibly educational to see how one ordinary man could create such extraordinary artwork.

But there was nothing ordinary about Rodin.

5 Steps to Creating a Life That Sucks

You want a life that sucks, just in the right way. God's blessings operate just like your vacuum. Follow these five steps to make sure it sucks like it should!.

Have you ever been in the flow? You know, where things just seem to be working out for you? You're just knee-deep in God's blessings and seeing Him show up in miraculous way. It's a good thing! But then there are those times when life... well,  it kinda sucks. Things aren't working out. You're believing for a miracle and you get a mess.vacuum5

You may need to check your suction.

God's blessing operates as a vacuum. You want a life that sucks--the right way! You want a life that sucks in the blessings of God just like a vacuum! That thing you use to clean up the cookie crumbs and accidentally suck up Legos? Yep, that's it! That sucker (literally) can teach us a lot about how God's favor works in our lives. So, if you're blessing vacuum isn't working the way it should be, follow these five steps to get things back in working order.

Step One: Is It Plugged In?

Isn't that always the first step? You can't figure out how your appliance works, so you get out the owner's manual and step #1 is "Make sure the device is connected to the power source." We all have the same response: "Duh, I'm not an idiot."

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