3 Words to Tell the Devil

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Do you like seeing your kid picked on? Do you enjoy when your child is treated unfairly? Stolen from? Lied to?

Of course you don’t. No decent parent would behave that way. I’m thinking that if you saw your child treated that way, it would probably cause your blood to boil. If we were together I may even have to hold you back before that “mama bear” instinct landed you in the county jail for a night!

We get fiercely protective over our babies. Mess with me, no problem. Mess with my babies, you just signed your death sentence.

A Case of Grits Gone Bad

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No one makes grits like my mama. That is, until Ronnie came on the scene. It was just a normal men’s prayer breakfast, like all the local country churches held on Sunday mornings. It was in the late 70s, and as you can imagine, the fellowship hall was packed with sideburns, polyester suits, and held a lingering scent of Jovan musk for men.

Women and children stayed far away.

There was the occasional prepubescent boy who crossed the threshold and entered the realm of men. I remember distinctly the look of envy in all the boys’ eyes.

The “Sexy Back” Bonus!

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Has your sex drive decided to drive off without you? Do you go to bed with a "hands off" sign strapped to your body? It's time to wake up that drive and get your mojo back!

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Here’s to the Fools!

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This past weekend, I went to see La La Land. Let me correct that. This past weekend, I went to see La La Land—twice!

The last time I went to see a movie twice was Star Wars.

No, not Rogue One. Not even Force Awakens.

Five Steps to Overcome Fear

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My heart was racing in my chest and I could feel that cold, clamminess in my clenched fists. I swallowed hard. Here it came again…FEAR! I’m sure if you are a mom, then you know what I’m talking about.

I remember being riddled by fear. I was afraid something would happen to the kids or my husband. I was afraid we couldn’t pay our bills. I was afraid of traveling by myself. It seemed every time I stepped out, fear was there to greet me with its sinister smile and icy grip.

I look back now at the person I was, and she seems so unfamiliar to me. She was a woman who was playing small because she was afraid of being big.

Watch and See

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We had woken up early that morning to pray over our children who were going to youth camp. We declared Psalm 91 over them, that no weapon formed against them would prosper, that they would be surrounded in God's favor like a shield, and the angels would stand guard around them.

We continued the day just like any other day. The kids were on their way to camp, we were doing some cleaning up around the house.

That afternoon was when the phone call came...