5 Steps to Creating a Life That Sucks

You want a life that sucks, just in the right way. God's blessings operate just like your vacuum. Follow these five steps to make sure it sucks like it should!.

Have you ever been in the flow? You know, where things just seem to be working out for you? You're just knee-deep in God's blessings and seeing Him show up in miraculous way. It's a good thing! But then there are those times when life... well,  it kinda sucks. Things aren't working out. You're believing for a miracle and you get a mess.vacuum5

You may need to check your suction.

God's blessing operates as a vacuum. You want a life that sucks--the right way! You want a life that sucks in the blessings of God just like a vacuum! That thing you use to clean up the cookie crumbs and accidentally suck up Legos? Yep, that's it! That sucker (literally) can teach us a lot about how God's favor works in our lives. So, if you're blessing vacuum isn't working the way it should be, follow these five steps to get things back in working order.

Step One: Is It Plugged In?

Isn't that always the first step? You can't figure out how your appliance works, so you get out the owner's manual and step #1 is "Make sure the device is connected to the power source." We all have the same response: "Duh, I'm not an idiot."

What's Your Next Move?

If you're waiting for your miracle, it could be waiting on the other side of your next move. What's your next move going to be?

If you're a mom, then I'm guessing you're in need of a miracle. Here's why. Moms do everything (as if you didn't already know that...). There is always an area that needs work in our lives. As soon as you make headway with one problem, another one pops its ugly head up and hollers at you. It's like a crazy game of Whack-a-Mole!Your Next Move...

And in that game of Whack-a-Mole, there's always a mole that needs a good whackin!

I want to explain a couple crucial things to you today. First of all, there is no balance. There will never be a time in your life when everything is flowing like chocolate lava. I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you, but if you're thinking, "As soon as I get _____________ worked out, everything will be great," then you better think again.

How to Handle Haters!

Got some people hating on you? No worries, Mama. I'm going to break it down for you tonight!

If there was ever a "hater law" it would be this: As soon as you start making progress, they come out of the woodwork. I'm going to tell you why and what to do about it on our live PERISCOPE PARTY!haters

Mama, if there is one thing you don't have time or energy to deal with, it's HATERS! Come hang out with me and let's get a battle plan to put them back in their place.

Don't miss it! Here's how to tune in:

The Crazy Blessed Smoothie

If you're looking for a healthy start to your day, then look no further than your blender!

I love to make my mornings "top heavy." If you have been through any of my coaching, then you know how important it is to get the majority of your work done in the morning. That's when your will power is strongest and you have less distractions. And in order to do that mighty work of yours, you need an awesome power-packed breakfast...something like my "Crazy Blessed" Smoothie!IMG_6913

This is basically a cup full of sheer awesomeness. Protein, antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, even stuff to make you sexy (watch the video).

If you need a powerful punch in the morning, skip the caffeine and go straight for the smoothie!

The Five-Minute Face

Ever feel rushed for time and feel like makeup is a thing of the past? Hannah shows how to get camera-ready (or just life-ready) in only five minutes.

Mama, I got you. I remember thinking that the only time I would be able to get made up and ready for the day was when my kids finally went off to college. That was, until I perfected the "five-minute face." I can go from naked face to camera-ready in only five minutes. And I'm going to show you how you can do the same thing.IMG_6911

Now, I'm never one to say you must wear make-up (goodness gracious!). But, you've got to admit, when you look your best, you feel your best, and you get your best work done.

So, let's do this. Got five minutes? Sure you do! (Oh, and Kenna is helping me out!).

Nothing Can Keep Him Away

A "snowpocalyse" can't keep this mom away from her family; and nothing can keep Jesus from getting to you!

The east coast was hit pretty hard with the "snowpocalypse" last week. I was away in Dallas when it hit and was grateful I had stocked the fridge and pantry with meals for the week.Jesusloves me.This Iknow.

But I had no idea how bad the snow really was...

When I got a call the night before that my flight had been canceled, I began to get a bit concerned. I got on the phone immediately and began searching for a flight home. Finally, I got placed in one of the last remaining seats for a later flight going in to a town two hours away from home.

Pick Up Your Sword and Fight!

Lisa Bevere does NOT mess around when it comes to swordplay...ain't no "play" about it!

Lisa Bevere knows how to fight. Not that she’s whipping out the brass knuckles, but she does have a mighty weapon up her sleeve. This girl knows how to use the Sword—the Sword of the Spirit, that is.Fight like a(1)

Minister, speaker, and author of Girls with Swords (as well as several other books), Lisa shares how to keep the devil in his place—disarmed and defeated. If you sometimes feel that you spend way more time fighting the devil than living in victory, then don’t miss this life-changing interview.

Lisa is also the co-founder of Messenger International, a ministry that helps people experience the transformational power of God's Word. Check them out today!


Knowing this one important fact can change everything...

Did you know that you are a Righteous Babe? Or Righteous Dude? It's true! Righteousness doesn't happen as a result of doing everything right. It happens as a result of letting Jesus live inside you and change you from the inside-out.babe

No room for low confidence, fear, or indecision. When Christ is alive in you. YOU are the righteousness of God. Crazy, right? Don't believe me just watch...

"Crazy Blessed" Podcast

Get the HELP you NEED to live the LIFE you WANT--that joyful, abundant, crazy blessed life that God created you for!

Join Me every Tuesday evening for the Crazy Blessed podcast! This is the LIVE version of my podcast and I would love to have you there, back stage with me...hannah-crazy-blessed

So, here's how you can come to the party:

1. You can call in at 9pmET.

Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Pin Code: 814819#

2. You can watch the live stream! On the live stream, we get a little crazy. First, we start ten minutes early (8:50pm) to get to know each other; and then we stay on for a while afterwards and just have FUN!

Here's how to watch the live stream:

* Go to your app store on your phone.
* Download the periscope app (it looks like a turquoise eyeball teardrop).
* Search for "Hannah Help Me" (look for the sunshines).
* Follow me, and turn on your notifications.
* You'll get a little whistle when I'm live and you can watch and comment.

3. You can listen in on the sound bar below:

"Crazy Blessed" has LAUNCHED! (Now I need your help!)

We just launched our brand new podcast, "Crazy Blessed." Now I really need some help from you. Could you be awesome, amazing, and incredible (like I know you already are) and do a quick favor?

That's right. We're having a birthday over here. Our podcast, "Crazy Blessed" has just been born (we gave it a little spanking and kissed it on the cheek). Now we need a little help from you (don't worry, it will just take a minute--you don't need to change a diaper or anything!)CrazyBlessed_iTunes

Could you please do two things for us?

1. Subscribe to the "Crazy Blessed" podcast. It's super easy, peasy, mac n cheesy. Just CLICK HERE or go to the link below:

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