How Did I Get So Busy?

I came across this little gem of a book when I was browsing around the Christian book store the other day. First, the title slapped me across the face:

How Did I Get So Busy?

Wow! Almost every mom I know can relate to that feeling (including myself). I picked up the book and started thumbing through it, and found myself nodding and saying, "uh-huh" over and over. That is, until Blair said, "Why don't you just buy the book already?"

This book is actually a 28-day plan to free up your time, get your schedule back on track, and as the author notes, "reconnect with what matters most." Valorie Burton, the amazing woman who wrote this, certainly knows what she's talking about. In the preface of this book, she lists a few things that really woke her up to the reality that most of us are way too busy.

* Jesus was never in a rush.
* He didn't take on more than He could handle.
* He was clear about His purpose.
* When He needed rest, He took it.

This is certainly a wake-up call to the dangers of being too busy. Personally, I think busyness is the primary distraction that pulls us away from our God-given purpose. And Valorie's book is an effective plan to kill busy and breathe life into fruitfulness! Thank you, Valorie!

I'm giving away TWO copies of "How Did I Get So Busy" this week. Make sure you leave a comment and share your challenges with busyness. Remember, your honesty helps all of us. We all have challenges and we are stronger when we are united! Don't forget to leave a comment and you'll be entered to win one of the two books I'm giving away!

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