Top Five Cheap Dates

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A few years ago, my husband, Blair, and I made a decision to go out once a week. This is one area where we had been horribly neglectful. Our marriage is great and we have an awesome time together, but we had never made a big effort of securing time alone together. It's understandable, however, because we have always had little children who needed us. Also, we have always been too cheap to hire babysitters.

But all of that changed on the day when we decided to go out one night for just a couple of hours. After all, now our big kids are old enough to babysit our little kids. So, after dinner, we gave the kids their responsibilities and then headed off to The Cracker Barrel for some dessert and coffee. We had so much fun that we decided it was going to be a weekly event!

It's been years now and we're in it to win it!