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Hannah in the media.

Hannah Keeley is the producer and host of the national television series, “Hannah, Help Me!,” now seen by millions on networks worldwide. In this reality series, she spends two days with overwhelmed moms, helping them develop the skills to improve their lives. She is also the author of “Hannah Keeley’s Total Mom Makeover” and “Crazy Mama,” founder of Hannah Keeley Ministries, creator of Mom Mastery University, and the mother of seven rambunctious kiddos!

Within a few years after she became a mom she found herself out of shape, overwhelmed, deep in debt, and surrounded by clutter. By applying the transformational power of God’s Word, she created a better life for herself, and with her characteristic “roll up your sleeves and dig in your heels” approach, she is helping moms everywhere do the same.

Hannah has been seen on the Today show, Fox and Friends, TLC, and has been a frequent guest on the Rachael Ray show–helping moms with her innovative tricks and tips. She has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Better Homes and Gardens, and Real Simple magazine.

Her plan is to create a revival—beginning in the home with the mom. Change the mom, change the world!

What Experts are Saying

  • Mix wisdom, practicality, great ideas and an utmost respect for MOMS and you have Hannah Keeley! She is a gift to any woman who wants to uncover that seed of greatness now buried under feelings of overwhelm.

    Susan Gregory Best-selling author of The Daniel Fast
  • Hannah Keeley's genuine warmth and humor are as contagious as the sniffles in kindergarten. A small dose of Hannah should be prescribed to every harried mom on the planet on a daily basis--I'm a believer!

    Leanne Ely Bestselling author and founder of the Saving Dinner website
  • Hannah ROCKS. Practical advice, hard-won wisdom and just enough attitude to know she's real. A real mom giving out real advice. Love her!

    Kathi Lipp National speaker and author of 'The Husband Project'
  • From the first moment we spoke, I sensed Hannah Keeley was the Real Deal, with a huge heart for moms and a passion for doing everything with excellence. Brava!

    Liz Curtis Higgs Best-selling author of Bad Girls of the Bible
  • Hannah, I really think God sent me in your direction. I was in a terrible slump, exhausted, depressed, overwhelmed. My house was a mess, I was having no fun, the finances were a mess, and I was unhealthy. Now things are so different. I laugh, I feel better, my family loves the changes, I am enjoying the best job on earth and just feel overwhelmingly grateful to God for everyday I get to be here doing this fun exciting life. I am truly grateful for you Hannah. Thanks so much for doing all this work for us moms, it is making such a difference in our lives!

    Katherine S mom of 6
  • God used Hannah Keeley to challenge and strengthen my walk with Him, even revealing the JOY in “the daily- what must be done”. Attending Master Your Life was such a blessing!! It was a precious time of fellowshipping with other women who want to become the best God made them to be! The event refreshed not only me physically, but spiritually. I came away with a laser focus to live my life without boundaries for HIS sake!

    Charlotte Stebbins mom of 2
  • Hannah Keeley has completely changed my life. A year ago before I found her I was always running on empty. My days were chaotic chasing after my two small children, working full time, keeping house, running errands, forgetting to pay my bills on time, working to keep my marriage alive, leaving no time for me. Worse of all I wanted so badly to have a relationship with God and felt guilty for not making the time. I had no energy and my anxiety was pushing me into depression. One day at work I came across Hannah, and knew that this was what I needed. I got plugged in right away. Today, my finances are in order, I have money saved, and have even been able to quit my job to be a stay at home mom. My house is more organized, I make better food choices for my family, I finally lost all that baby weight, my relationship with my husband is stronger than ever, and I finally have the relationship with God that I always wanted. I wear a bracelet that says “I love my life” and am often asked “Do you really love your life?” I can honestly say I do! Thanks to Hannah Keeley I wake up each day loving my life.

    Lisa Vega-Guttierez mom of 2
  • I think all moms, no matter how experienced or how many kids you have, can get into a “rut”. You know, things just seem to spiral out of control and you aren’t even sure where to start. I was there. Hannah’s simple, practical tips really helped me to move forward step by step. It’s simple and easy to follow, but life changing at the same time.

    Heidi Mills mom of 6
  • I loved Thrive in Five! I have been on a healthy “path” for a while but find myself straying from time to time. What Thrive in Five did for me was help me think about my body on a CELLULAR level. I’ve always looked for superficial reasons to exercise: Get into skinny jeans, get into shape before a vacation, or even before “pool season,” etc. For the first time there is no “end goal.” There’s just this new lifestyle because I am now thinking about what food, exercise, SLEEP, etc. does for my body on a cellular level… I’ll never be the same. I now realize I was made for more… way more and I’m ready to claim the life I was meant to have. I chose to do this program over the holidays in an effort to help me stay on track rather than “give myself a break” since it was the holidays, after all. Rather than gain the normal 5-7 lbs. I usually gain every December… I only gained 2! I enjoyed myself and time with my family and didn’t deprive myself but I made WISE choices… REASONABLE choices, and those two pounds are already GONE! I feel great and am excited about what God has in store for me. Worth. Every. Cent.

    Kelly Cecil
    Kelly Cecil Mechanicsville, Virginia
  • My reasons for doing the program were two fold: to look better (lose a few extra pounds of baby weight) and have more energy (I was so tired of always being tired). Your first lessons floored me. Such a wake up call to examine how I view my health. Changing my perceptions of health and my body was so freeing and set the tone for the rest of the program. But hands down, in a month where I would normally have been exhausted and frazzled, I felt GOOD. Really really good– energized, at peace and joyful. I have not needed that afternoon cup of coffee, and actually don’t want it! Other changes I’ve made– I recommitted to walking every day, not when it was “convenient” and made it my time with God too. You are right, pairing exercise with something meaningful makes it not feel like exercise and is now something I look forward to. Also, I’ve gotten outside with my children more, and not only have we benefitted from being outside, we have played together! I’ve paired weights with floor time with my 4 year old, and it is part of our special time when the youngest is sleeping and the older 2 aren’t home from school yet. Another favorite change– not counting calories! It is so liberating to eat food and enjoy it! Thrive in Five helped me (like the Five Minute Mom) to properly focus my thoughts and actions. The result is a more fulfilled, and energized mom. Thank you Hannah!

    Stephanie Rubis