The Five Minute Mom

Finally! Today is the day! If you're ready to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary, then now is your time. You may be at a crossroad right now and you need to make a decision.

Finally! Today is the day! If you're ready to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary, then now is your time. You may be at a crossroad right now and you need to make a decision.

What kind of mom do you want to be?

  • A mom who is always griping and yelling at her kids? Or one who is raising obedient children and respectful teens?
  • A mom who is living in a cramped, cluttered, messy home? Or one who has a clean, organized home where nothing gets lost?
  • A mom who is barely scraping by from paycheck to paycheck? Or one who is on top of her finances, debt-free, with money in the bank?
  • A mom who is stuck in a dead, passionless marriage? Or one who is in love with her husband and has an exciting marriage?
  • A mom who is out of shape, overweight, and tired all the time? Or one who is full of energy with a healthy body, mind, and spirit?

Now is the time to decide.

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I had to decide. I remember that day so well. I had two little girls and had just given birth to a boy (I have seven kids now). It was about 4:45pm and I was exhausted, irritable, and had no idea what I was going to make for dinner. I just collapsed in a pile of laundry, overwhelmed and depressed, and started crying my eyes out. I looked around at the clutter in my home, the stack of bills that I couldn't pay, and the "fat lady" clothes that I was wearing, and said those three words: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

The Five-Minute Mom coaching program has been one of the biggest blessings I have received this year! I am so excited to start this new year with the wonderful insight, tips, and tricks Hannah has so generously shared with me through this program. Her emphasis on putting God first, thinking positively to get through any situation, and planning (everything from what you're going to eat, to what you're going to wear) is exactly what I needed to get myself movin'! I have learned that nothing is 'impossible,' that word does not even exist in her vocabulary! If you're looking to be the best woman you were meant to be, and to live the life that God so abundantly wants to bless you with, this is the best place to start! Thanks Hannah!!

Kristina A

mom of 4, Oahu, HI

I was a behavior therapist, for cryin' out loud, you would think I could figure out how to make motherhood work. But, I just couldn't seem to get a grip on this career. There was just so much to do—the chores, the kids, the schedules. Every day, I just felt like more and more of a failure.

Until that day I made the decision that I was created to live a better life. I started making changes in every area of my life. I tackled it head-on, and I won't lie to you. It was so hard! I had the DRIVE, but I lacked the SKILL!

Please don't make the same mistakes I did. I tried everything under the sun to improve my life. I took every life coaching course I could get my hands on, read every book on self-improvement. I took classes, went to workshops, attended seminars, you name it. Nothing seemed to "stick" because nothing seemed to be designed for people like me—busy moms! They were designed for some guy wearing a suit and sipping on a latte, not a woman with spit-up stains on her shoulders and boxes of macaroni and cheese crammed in her cabinet. But finally, I started making adaptations here and there. I started applying what I knew from my career as a behavior therapist. It took me years and years to finally get the skills that I lacked. Please don't go down the same road I went down. I don't want you to waste years trying to learn something I can teach you in a minute.

The Five-Minute Mom program was great! I did learn a lot, but the most beneficial thing about it for me was that I had to stick to it. I have read lots of books on similar subjects. I would devour them in a couple of days, but there wasn't anything about them that made me stick to it. Listening for 30 days and having action steps for each day was the key for me. Since I started this program, my house has been much less cluttered, and I take time every evening to pick up so we have a fresh start to the next day. And since I have been giving them the example, my kids have been picking up after themselves a lot more. Thank you, Hannah

Sara B

mom of 2

Okay, five minutes!

You've got five minutes, don't you? C'mon, we've all got five minutes!
What can you do in five minutes?
Maybe iron a shirt, sweep your kitchen, brew some coffee?

Guess what, Mama...You can CHANGE YOUR LIFE in five minutes.

It is possble —

  • You can wake up with joy and excitement.
  • You can be the best mom for your kids.
  • You can create a home that's organized and clutter-free.
  • You can be free of debt and master your money.
  • You can be healthy and have unstoppable energy.
  • You can feel purpose and peace in your life and in your marriage.
  • You can make your life a success.

I know because I experience it every single day. And YOU CAN TOO!

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The Five-Minute Mom coaching program has totally changed my life. Before the program I was ready to "throw in the towel" and return back to working outside the home. Even though my salary would have been just enough to cover daycare, I was willing to do that just get away from being a stay-at-home. I was doing a horrible job. The house was hardly ever clean. I had gained about twenty pounds. I was continually complaining and was suffering from P.M.S (Poor me syndrome). Now, I enjoy being a professional stay at home mom. I take pride in what I do to support my family. I am no longer afraid to have company drop by unexpectedly. I am grateful and joyful about the opportunity and responsibility that God has given to me; I love being with a my family now and taking care of the home. I needed a change of direction and that is what the program gave me. I thank God for you and this program, because if I had not found the program I know that my kids would be heading to daycare (which would have cost 3,000 a month) and school. I would return to work feeling like a failure because I could not make it as a professional stay at home mom. I loved everything about the program. You should turn this into a conference/traveling ministry because it changes lives and saves families.

Treina G

mom of 5, Arlington, TX

There's a way to write your success story beginning today in only FIVE MINUTES!

Do you have five minutes a day to start living your best life?

Because I'm ready to share some vital information with you, some secrets that I have spent years collecting. They are the secrets to living your fullest life as a mom.

I took the best of the best, trimmed it all down, and crammed all of my greatest life secrets into a course called "Five Minute Mom."

Why Five Minutes? Because sometimes that's all the time you have!

I know how it is—you don't have the time (or the money) to do expensive seminars. Even if you did, the last thing you probably want to do after a busy day is get dressed up and leave your family to go miles away to attend a workshop. And don't even mention weekend retreats! How are you supposed to fit those into a schedule that's already crammed full?

That's why this course is for you. All of the lessons are delivered to you through your computer, All you need is FIVE MINUTES a day. That's it! Just five minutes in the morning in your jammies, in the evening after the kids are tucked in bed, or maybe at four in the morning after you finally get that baby to sleep.

Order "Five Minute Mom" today, listen to the audio lessons and do your Action Steps every day for the next thirty days. If you do not radically improve your skills as a mom in all areas of your life—managing your home, your money, your health, your family, your life, then I absolutely insist that you contact me and demand a full refund. My goal is for you to get results. If you're not happy, then I'm not happy...plain and simple.

I will take 100% of the risk! You really have nothing to lose (except weight, stress, and debt). Either this program works and your life is transformed, or it doesn't and you get your money back. That's all there is to it.

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Just try and shut me up about how much gained from the 5-Minute Mom coaching program! I discovered your book and website about a year and a half ago totally by accident. I loved them but didn't quite have the gumption to follow through. It was the 5 Min Mom program that I needed to streamline your suggestions, organize myself and make much needed changes. I am still going strong & believe that I finally overcame some obstacles I couldn't before. I am happy, energized and at peace!

Jennifer V

In the FIVE MINUTE MOM coaching program we will cover how to:

  • Develop the thoughts that will create a successful life.
  • Make your home a peaceful, happy, clutter-free haven
  • Create wealth and manage your money without stress.
  • Achieve real health and have unstoppable energy.
  • Get an exciting, supportive, and sizzling marriage.
  • Establish a happy family and raise obedient kids (yes, even teens).
  • Grow in Faith and banish fear and depression.

A lot, right? You're right! But it's amazing what you can do in just five minutes a day when you're really focused. And you can get started right now!

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I actually debated before enrolling in the 5 Minute Mom Coaching Program. I'm always watching the budget and wasn't sure if I could consider a coaching program a "necessary extra". But I followed my heart and enrolled anyway. The 5 Minute Mom Coaching Program has turned out to be some of the best money I have ever spent. My daily lessons were both inspirational and user friendly. And because the program lasts for 30 days the steps that help me keep organized and on track have become a habit. My family has benefitted as much as I have from the program. No more busy, grumpy Mom! I loved my life before I took the 5 Minute Mom Coaching Program, now I can truly enjoy it. The organizational skills I have learned have enriched my life by giving me the time to really play with my kids and the energy to follow my own interests. Not to mention the fact that Hannah's program has helped me to be in total control of my finances for the first time in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend that any mom, no every mom, enroll in the 5 Minute Mom Coaching Program. It's absolutely life-changing!

Jane D

Here's what you're going to get with the FIVE MINUTE MOM Coaching Program

  • FIVE-MINUTE AUDIO LESSON delivered to your in-box every day for the next thirty days.
  • ACTION STEPS for each lesson so you can see your progress that day
  • LESSON GUIDE to allow you to follow along with each audio lesson.
  • TRANSCRIPT of each lesson to collect in a binder
  • A CHART of the 30 key messages to keep posted in your home.
  • And a FREE GIFT just for you after you complete the course.

You can collect it all in a binder and have a complete study course when you're done.

You may have already run across study courses like these that cost well over $200. Most of them do. I'm embarrassed to say, but I've even bought some courses like these that were $500 and more! That's how desperate I was!

Don't freak out on me. You know me well enough by now. Would I ever ask you to pay me that kind of money? Give me a break! I know how it is. I've got kids to feed, too.

I'm only charging $67.00. That's only $2.23 a day!

I've spent more than $67 taking my family out to eat (okay, I have a big family, but you get the idea). And you can easily make ten times that amount with some of the secrets I give you to help you manage your money. It pays for itself and then some!

How much would you pay for someone to-

  • come in and organize your home?
  • Show you how to stop struggling with money?
  • Give you the secrets to raising obedient kids?
  • Get you in shape and improve your health?
  • Provide you with tried-and-true marriage counseling?
  • Finally show you how to get some joy and peace as a mom??

A lot, right? Of course! That's a no-brainer. Well, here's your chance to save money and finally get something that works. It's time to stop struggling and start getting results! And here's another cool thing. You buy it once, you have it forever. That's right! You can access the entire program at any time by simply getting on your computer.

You can start today—right now—to create a better tomorrow. I've been paid thousands of dollars just to show up and give a twenty-minute talk. Imagine—you're getting the best of what I've got—no fluff, no bull—every single day for thirty days. A whopping total of two and a half hours of life-changing information! I've helped thousands of moms create better lives, homes, and families. Now I want to help you. Are you ready to start getting results in your life?

Aren't you worth it?
Isn't your family worth it?

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Hannah, thank you so much for your insight and inspiration! After completing your 5 minute Mom Coaching sessions, I felt like a new mama! Your guidance was exactly what I needed to renew and refresh my mothering skills! I loved your questions, they helped me tremendously with developing a game plan specific to me. But I must say, that my favorite part was sitting down at the kitchen table with my hot cup of tea and listening to you each morning. Honestly, I felt as though you were sitting right there beside me, talking to me as a friend! Thank you for doing what you do! You are a true inspiration!!

Michelle F

Worried? I understand. Go ahead and test-drive the program if you like. Remember, you have my 30-Day Guarantee. Listen to it for thirty days and follow along with your Action Steps. Either your life is transformed or you get your money back. It's that simple!

Don't spend one more day living less than your best. One part of you probably does not want to move forward with this program. I know how that feels. It's the part of you that has you believing that you don't deserve a better life, and this is as good as it gets.

But there's another part of you that knows there is more to life than just making it through the day. It's the part that believes you deserve better. You do deserve better and you can get it! Before you go to bed tonight you could be on your way to a better life but you've got to take action now.

You've been saying NO long enough.

Say YES to something! Say YES to making your life a success!

Being a better mom doesn't just happen by chance. Luck has nothing to do with it. Don't wait another minute to learn this system I've developed that is guaranteed to give you results! I am fully dedicated to your success as a mom. That is my goal! And we can make it happen—together!

Click on the enrollment below and join me for this program. Your best life is just five minutes away.

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Your program has been a great encouragement to me! Some of your ideas about organizing and working in the zones were totally new to me and I have put them into action. I also needed to hear the exercise talk. Your upbeat attitude was catching! God has really gifted you in the area of encouraging others! I'm not even sure one morning how I came upon your website, but I'm sure glad I did! Thank you and blessings on you!!

Shelley M

mom of 3, Kiev, Ukraine

Wow! I told a good friend about "Hannah Help Me." As a thank you, she signed me up for the Five-Minute Mom coaching program. I feel like it is God kicking me to get me moving. You've covered so many bases with this program: faith, self, family, spouse, home, finances. It is well rounded. I like that about it. Also, that you are so straightforward about God. He is the All in All and it is so nice to hear it from a source that does not label itself Christian. It is just part of life. I like the format--audio, with the action steps, lesson guide, and it is great that you have the transcripts for us, too. I'll be rereading them! Thank you for a well-rounded program. Thank you for following God's call to you to be of help and service to all of us Moms out here.


mom of 5, San Jacinto, CA

Your website and this program has been a huge inspiration, source of comfort and support. I live an hour away from mine and my husband's family and sometimes I feel all on my own out here. I quit my nursing job to do what I always dreamed of doing; staying home and raising our two boys, but through all of our trials to have children I never thought it could be this hard. I have now learned and the things you have to work the hardest on are the ones worth treasuring.

Raising our boys is one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me and with his support and yours my new career has become the most rewarding one I could of ever asked for! Thank you for doing for all of us and reminding us that this is so worth it.


Mt. Pleasat, Wisconsin

I just completed day 4 of 5 minute mom and last night my husband said to me that this week has been so great. He complemented me on having things so organised and being positive. I've been getting up early, having a quiet time with my Father God and starting doing my action steps! I really has made the world of difference. My husband and 3 kids are grateful to you Hannah 🙂


South Africa

Dear Hannah, I am the mother to 5 beautiful children (ages 11-1) and have struggled most with organization in my home. It was especially hard when my oldest 4 recently went back to school. The single most helpful thing I learned from your Five Minute Mom was setting the tone for today and setting the stage for tomorrow. Simple advice, but this has helped me tremendously! God has been teaching me for some time about how my thoughts can change my behavior and it was nice to see you touch on that as well. I want each day to be a party and not painful and now I know that this begins in my mind. I love that I get to choose to be a joyful mom. Thank you for this resource! I am now currently doing your 21-day Mom Rescue program and am loving it as well. I now believe that I am not "just a mom" but that it is a very worthy "profession" and I'm now taking this job seriously and am eager to learn the skills to be the best mom I can be and leave a legacy for my girls. Thank you again so much! I highly recommend all of your resources to any mom who feels stuck, overwhelmed, or just feels like what she is doing doesn't matter.


Crestview, FL

Hannah I really think God sent me in your direction. I was in a terrible slump, exhausted, depressed, overwhelmed. My house was a mess, I was having no fun, the finances were a mess, and I was unhealthy. I typed in mom makeover one night on Google and there you were to help! Now things are so bright, I had a big party and all the moms gushed about the nice feel of my home and the food, I dumped the frump which my husband loves! I am excited to spend time with my kids and even though the job is hard, it is the best, so much fun everyday and I was missing out on it! God is so Good!
Your coaching program has changed my whole life for the better. I have 6 wonderful kids and I was just dragging myself through life, tired, unmotivated, sad, I was also very negative. I knew I loved my husband and kids, I believe completely in God and yet still I was so slumped over, just settling, as you say, and trying to get through another day. Now things are so different. I laugh, I feel better, my family loves the changes, I am enjoying the best job on earth and just feel overwhelmingly grateful to God for everyday I get to be here doing this fun exciting life. I am truly grateful for you Hannah. Thanks so much for doing all this work for us moms, it is making such a difference in our lives!

Katherine S

mom of 6, Troutman, NC

Hey Hannah! I've spent the last 30 days reading, thinking about and implementing your program and I am super impressed! I love how everything is Christian based...I think a lot of people discount the power of prayer and spirituality in their lives. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience and it's easy to forget that in the whirl of life. I loved every single days lesson. There were definitely areas that needed work, and I was happy to have your positive voice encouraging me! I hope I can meet you some day and give you a great big hug:)

Maren C.,

Awesome!!! I used your positive thinking advice to get a PR (personal record) I had been chasing for a while. While running my latest half marathon, instead of saying," I'm never going to beat this time," I told myself, "I CAN do this" when I got tired. You know what? It worked!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kimberly C

mom of 3

I LOVED this program!! I am a stay at home mom of a 3 year old little girl and a 4 month old little boy. I, as most stay at home moms, felt like I had lost a bit of myself and wanted to find it! Hannah is such an inspiration. If she can do it with her 7 kids, then I can surely do it with my 2 right?! Thank you Hannah!!!

Karen Z.

mom of 2, Whitney Point, NY

The Five Minute Coaching program is awesome. I have been using the principles in the program to work my way out of debt. Since I have started the program I am almost completely out of debt. I plan to continue the program. It really works if you apply it to your situation and make the necessary changes.



The Five Minute Mom is an incredible dose of essential tools to successful living. Not simply surviving, but LIVING- or really, THRIVING! 🙂 I am not a mom yet, but am a teacher, and I find that 5MM coaches me, and prepares me for the life I long to live, and for the positive influence I long to be both for my students, but also for my parents, and colleagues. Not only on a professional level, but I know that these tools will help me when I become a mom as well. Thank you Hannah for helping me become who God desires me to be, in turn helping others develop, and fulfill their purpose. I am so blessed by you, and your sweet family!

Amy Burden

Dallas, TX

HI Hannah,
I have just finished the 5 minute mom programme. I started it at a bit of a crazy time as I have an 8 week old baby (4 weeks when I started!) But I figured I would always find an excuse, so went for it. Thank you so much, I have found it so helpful. I have been being a bit kind to myself and going slow but I didn't miss a single day and did most of the action steps. The ones I missed I am going back to. I have 5 children 8 and under and have found that I have lacked joy in the past and been overwhelmed a lot of the time. But I have been really working on enjoying my children and being silly with them and inviting and claiming joy. And I feel a lot better. I have had post-natal depression in the past and I really think that I am not going down that road again. I claim joy every day. Not only that but my house is more organised. I have cleared and de-cluttered and love the spaces I have created. They really have cleared space in my brain too. I have made artwork (which I love doing) and realised that when I claim to not have time for things like that I am actually doing my family a dis-service as the new pictures on the wall are lovely for all of us. Next stop is to stop procrastinating and write the children's book I have had an idea for for about a year. I WILL DO IT!

I know that I am not there yet, but God hasn't finished with me and I will get there step by step.

Thank you for your encouragement along the way.

God bless,

Amy Shaw

Herts, UK

Hannah puts the focus where it should be -on God and a person's greater purpose and living with joy and feeling alive! Thank you for shifting my focus!



I only have gotten to day 6, I have my folder, my watch (i cant set the alarm, but that doesn't stop me! i just check my thoughts whenever i look at the time) but it has already made such a difference in my life! i will get through the 5 minute mom eventually, and I am okay with the fact that it will take me some time to get through the 30 days. My family and friends have seen such a difference in my life. Who would have thought such small actions would make such big results. I've watched your program, recorded it and re-watched it. I can see myself in almost all the moms. My children are in their 20's and my little one is 14. I spent many years in feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. I remember crying and feeling lost, and thinking something was wrong with me because I couldn't "Get It" together. I am so thankful for coming across your television program by accident. The changes that have been made are amazing. Im not perfect, and I'm happier than I have ever been. Do I have a lot to accomplish still? Heck Ya! The difference is I know I can and I'm not overwhelmed by it any longer. Thank -you, for blessing me with your words of wisdom!! Proud to be a sloppy success!!


Cherry Valley, CA

I love all of your programs! This program has taught me a lot about myself and what type of Mom I want to be. It's been a wonderful experience! I am going back through the 5 minute mom coaching this month to review as a devotional to help me . Thank you so much!

Harmony T


This program touches on all aspects of life and really encouraged me to be the best I can be for myself and my family!

The major thing that separates this program from others is the ability to personalize it to fit your life and situation, which is truly motivating! For example: A box of tools sat in our master bathroom since we moved in (sadly several years ago), waiting for my husband to move it to the garage. For one of my zone cleaning days I finally moved the tools and truly cleaned the bathroom. My husband was so inspired by my cleaning that he suggested we sort through 3 bins of old clothes in our bedroom the next weekend! Now, I have a cleaner house and a better marriage! 🙂

As a full-time working mom of 3 small kids (whose husband is currently living 5 hours away during the week for work), I've been striving to move past 'I barely survived today' to feeling like 'I'm getting it together' and your program has helped me gain that sense of peace & control. I’m realizing my purpose & refocusing my passion to help my family to grow closer to each other, grow closer to God, and develop as individuals.

My family is functioning more like a team, which is a HUGE change. I now realize that it is important to teach my young children these life skills (God & family focus, organization, time & money management, teamwork, negotiation, etc.), so they can develop & maintain good habits. I have a hard time delegating, but I’ve lowered my crazy, perfectionist standards and no longer do everything myself. The result: MORE is getting done because 1) I have more energy knowing that I’ve got help & I’ve got a plan & a slightly more defined schedule/ routine 2) everyone is happy to be busy moving together and feels like they are more invested & have more input in how the household functions.

I am so grateful that you have allowed us to keep this content after purchase. I desperately need to complete the money topics, but I let the business of life (worked late, sick kids, etc.) get in the way. I’m so glad to be able to review the topics where I need to apply further effort.

PS. I passed along your site to my sisters, mother-in-law, and several coworkers. I also have been baking your muffins (& printed recipes) at work, so hopefully I can get the word out – if you need a little (or a lot) of help getting your life headed in the direction that you’d like it to go, do the 5 minute mom program!

Again, thank you for all of your assistance! God really has blessed your with the ability to tell it like it is, but say things in a loving way, so that hearts & minds will open and families will be encouraged to change for the better!

Rachel Pelczar


I am so Blessed that a friend told me about your site. Everything I am listening to is answered prayer. Thank You so much for using the gifts God has blessed you with.


Chino Hills, Ca

The Five Minute program was great! Everyday I learned a new way to look at things in life and a new exciting way to take charge of my everyday challenges. Our live style is very busy and were on the go all the time this program showed me how to take care of our home in between our busy life. The simple little quotes make you look at the big things in your life so much easier . And teach you how to take it one day at a time. It has made me feel much better about myself and it has given me confidence that I can handle all the crazy thing that us moms have to handle everyday. Thank you again Hannah Keeley:)



When I think about the last 5 years of my life "upheaval" is the word that comes to mind! Our family has been hit with one thing after another- from dreams falling through to job changes (4 of them to be exact) to 3 new kiddos (added to the 2 already around) to losing our home & possessions in the Joplin tornado. Sigh! It has been insane, to say the least! Somehow in the midst of all the chaos and rebuilding I was supposed to continue raising and homeschooling kids, keeping my marriage in tact, oh, and doing the laundry- ha! As you can imagine, I have been totally overwhelmed.
I believe God led me to your 5-minute program because He knew I needed a 'cheerleader' to get me going again- and that is what you were each day Hannah. All the voices in my head have been telling me that I just don't have what it takes to do this job, but you were God's little reminder every morning that I CAN do this. The practical steps you gave each day were small and achievable- which is where I needed to begin. And beyond the physical tasks to be done, you thoroughly addressed the mental battle that keeps us in bondage- so, thank you!
To any woman considering this program, I will say that it is worth it! No matter what is leading you to consider going through the '30 days', you can move past this place of discouragement, shame and exhaustion. Let Hannah be your "cheerleader" each day, and equip you with tools to get control over your circumstances and succeed at the task God has given you to do. Day by day I am seeing my life look more hopeful and less stressful, and I am starting to smile again!

Christy Geiser

Joplin, MO

The 5 minute mom took me more than 5 minutes and more than 30 days, but I'm one step closer than I was before.



Hannah has been a joy to listen to. Her positive tone, insightful suggestions, and plans for success bring happiness and joy back into the life of a tired out mom. I'm glad I found this program and am enjoying the results.



The Five Minute Mom program is fantastic! It helped me organize my home and my thoughts. I highly recommend this for any mom feeling overwhelmed or just looking to enhance the lives of her family.

Becky Andreas


Thank you for the much needed advice and encouragement! I found myself bragging about you to everyone I could as if we were sisters! Anyone with children, especially homeschooling Moms should do this program. Wonderful!
Marybeth(Homeschooling Mother of four)



I love that The Five Minute Mom program is keeping me focused! While I may not take the time to do the program every day, I come back to it. It keeps me moving in the direction of the results I want!


Mechanicsville, VA

I have just one small baby, so I wasn't sure everything would apply to me- but I would recommend the Five Minute Mom to any mom of any age. There's really something for everyone- I've even had men ask me where they can learn about the organizing, etc that I've learned!
The Five Minute Mom program really helped me in so many areas, but most of all I have the feeling that I am finally "getting it together" after the trauma of my son's birth (he was almost 2 full months premature and I was very sick) and in spite of not feeling like my family was "there for me". I can do this, regardless of who is with me or even seems to be working against me, I am not alone in this!
Thank you for this wonderful program!



I loved the 5 minute coaching program! I looked forward to finding out each day, what we would be doing. I learned so much! Thanks Hannah!

Donna M


Thanks Hannah! I so enjoyed The 5 Minute Mom program. Each day I looked forward to finding out what we would be doing next. You are helping me to finally get my house clean without stressing out.

Donna Melton


Good Morning Hannah,

I wanted to thank you and your family for Mom coaching program that I recently purchased. I already had a very blessed life, but I am always on the lookout for new ways to improve our life as a family. This program was a great big kick in the butt.:-) My house started changing right away as a result of the changes in my attitude.

My friend, Julia, came over on day 7 and was amazed at how open my house felt. I shared with her that I had started a Mom coaching program. She asked for the nuts and bolts of it, “What kind of cleaning advice was the program giving me?” I responded with, “None so far.” We are friends from engineering, so we tend to want the step by step, logical explanation for an outcome. This might be boring for some, but it is the way God wired us, so we just keep it to ourselves most of the time.:-) We both basked in the idea that my house could be changing without any tangible actions.

I am since coming to peace with the idea that it is my attitude that is changing the atmosphere, and giving God the opportunity to increase out life’s abundance. He is so good! This has also been quite humbling. If my attitude can make this big an impact in the positive direction where was it taking us before? Well, I choose to move on.:-)

On behalf of each and every precious member of my family I say a great big thank you to you, your husband, and your children.

Jasmine Boyle
London, Ontario

P.S. My husband was a little suspicious on the day my action step was to take an hot bath and lather myself up with lotion!:-)

Jasmine Boyle

London, Ontario

I work full time, am a pastor's wife and have 2 beautiful pre-teen daughters. Life can be a bit hectic! I tried to stay organized and motivatad but often ran out of energy. Hannah's 5 Minute Mom showed me how to get energy, stay positive and "squeeze each day". My house is cleaner (and is getting more organized!), my body is leaner and my attitude is meaner! (In a good way!)

I was really sad to listen to the final session as I looked forward to each one, but I am excited to have all of the resources and am ready for the challenges ahead, including staying up to date with new resources from Hannah.

Thank you Hannah for "crossing my path"! Many blessings to you for your ministry to Moms


Oceanside, CA

I have contact you with no response. I purchased the 30 day mom
And only have access to day 30. I really want to listen to all the sessions

Please help.

Julie Hayes



Thank you very much for doing the five minute mom coaching series! The coaching has helped me improve my. Thank you again!

Debbie Marino

Boise, Idaho

Before I did the 5 Min Mom program, I had done the 30 day power purge. I loved how there were tangible differences each day. As I started the 5 min mom program, I was antsy for large tangible differences. However, as I continued through the program and did the action steps, I noticed it was in the little things that differences were being made. I looked at my house differently, I was taking little steps that were in the end making big differences and the little steps are tangible things I can do daily and continue with after the program is complete. It turned around the way I view my daily life in what I can do, get done, and my attitude towards it. Thanks, Hannah!

Stacy Abar

La Crosse, WI

The 5 minute mum coaching programme was just what I needed in my life. Since doing it, my life has become fuller and so much more satisfying. Going from being a career person to being a stay at home mum has been a big challenge for me and I have had my struggles along the one teaches you how to be a mum! I've learnt so much from the programme and picked up so many helpful tips. I loved your positive energy and all your words of wisdom, Hannah, so motivating. You were a big inspiration for me and I thank have a real gift! As well as my home life becoming more organised, my attitude to being a mum has really changed, I have a better relationship with my kids (and husband!), I feel so much more motivated and I'm having so much more fun with it. Thank you so much for everything!



I am so happy I decided to join The Five Minute Mom -program. I have never been this calm and happy in my life. I feel like an adult more than ever before as well. After 30 days I still have to work on some things more than others but I have grown so much in these days. Thank you so much for this program!



Thank you once again Hannah, I have been searching a while for something like this. This progra-m is God-sent. The contents has not just transformed my physical life, but the way I was thinking and also my spiritual life. I have been diagnosed with Adult ADD and I know I will have to repeat this again, but I can recommend it to anybody. God bless you Hannah!!


New Zealand

I bought this plan a while ago and haven't had a chance to start it yet so I'm really excited about starting the new year with it! Thanks!

Catriona Brinkley

Suffolk, England UK

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