Thrive in Five

Are you ready? No, seriously... are you ready?

  • Are you ready to be slim and trim?
  • Are you ready to have "through-the-roof" energy?
  • Are you ready to be strong and tone?
  • Are you ready to feel healthy?

It's time to quit with the tricks and gimmicks and finally do something that works. It's time to bridge the gap between the body you have and the body you want.

Finally! Today is the day! If you're ready to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary, then now is your time. You may be at a crossroad right now and you need to make a decision. about3You may have seen me on television, helping moms on my series, Hannah, Help Me! But I wasn't always so healthy and energetic. I have seven kids and I love being a mom, but when I first started out, I was overwhelmed and out of shape. After I had a few kids, I remember not being able to wear my jeans anymore. I just wore stretchy waistbands and big t-shirts. See, I thought that if I wore baggy clothes, it would make me look thinner. No, doesn't work that way. I looked like a fat mom wearing baggy clothes. Yeah, that's me. I would like to say I was pregnant in the picture, but nope. I was just fat. I had no excuse. And, get this—I was in my twenties. I was about HALF the age I am now! I remember catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror one day—I was flabby, tired, and I just looked and felt old. That day, I decided enough is enough. I started working on my eating and exercise habits so I could look and feel healthier. Well, I'm going to be honest with you. It wasn't easy. I didn't have any money back then to buy a membership to a gym or get on any weight-loss program. And, honestly, I'm glad I didn't! Because it forced me to do the work and put in the effort to discover real and lasting health principles. But like I said, it wasn't easy. In fact, it took a lot of trial and error, years of it. But I finally figured out what works and what doesn't when it comes to your health. It took me years and a lot of stupid mistakes, but I finally figured out something. There is only one way to real and lasting health, and it's God's way. He created our bodies so He knows what ‘s best for them. You follow these principles that He laid out? And you have a lifetime of health—energy, wellness, strength, a healthy weight, all that. You get the whole package, not just an empty promise of quick weight loss or muscles in a week. Do not spend any more of your (or your husband's) hard-earned money on weight-loss gimmicks or get fit programs!! Our society has turned health into a scam; and it makes me furious! I get really angry when I see moms spend their hard-earned on scams. And that's exactly what's going on. You don't need tricks and gimmicks. Sure, you may lose weight, but you know what happens next. You gain it right back. And even if you kept it off, it's just treating the weight. You still feel tired; you still get sick; you're still flabby and cranky. That is NOT total health and it makes me mad when I see smart women fall for stupid gimmicks like these. It not only wastes money but it also compromises their health. Visualize this scene: a big shiny boardroom with a bunch of executives sitting around a mahogany table thinking of ways to prey upon women who are overweight, out of shape, and suffering. They're not out to make these women healthy. They're out to pad their wallets, and it's infuriating. But it's happening every single day!

Here's what you get with the program:

  • Five-Minute Audio Lesson—Every day for thirty days you get audio lesson delivered to your inbox, ready for you to listen.
  • Lesson Transcript—You get a printable transcript so you can reference the material at any time in the future.
  • Lesson Guide—Along with the audio lesson, you get a guide to walk you through it as you listen.
  • Action Steps—You also get daily printable steps so you can implement the lesson in your life and make it stick.
  • Supplements—And on top of all that, you get several supplemental charts, worksheets, and even videos to guide you through the program.

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If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired... this is where you want to be for a while. Hannah is right on the mark with the mental work that goes along with the physical changes that need to work in your life in order to be the strong healthy person you were meant to be (and that so many are depending on!) Her common sense advice will help YOU get YOUR life on the road to being healthy.... in a sane rational way that is practical and will fit in your life as it is 🙂 This program makes sense - and can be used over and over again for fresh insights as your life continues to unfold.. Thank you Hannah! Kay Vanatta, Virginia

Before you join up in some eating program or buy a box of weight loss shakes, know what's going on behind it all. It's someone making money off your poor health. And if it worked—I mean, really worked—there wouldn't be new products every day. If it worked, women would lose the weight, get healthy, and not need it any more. It's just a marketing campaign, and women are falling for it every day! Americans spend over 40 billion dollars a year on weight loss products—40 freaking billion dollars! And, guess what, we're still getting fatter! And get this, of the people who actually do lose weight on a diet, two-thirds of them will regain all the weight they lost in one year. Ninety-seven percent will gain it all back in five years. What a waste of time and money! The average dieter spends $85.79 on diet products a week. That's over $343 a month. Over $4,400 a year! And that's just diet products. That's not including the coffee and "natural" energy drinks to keep us from feeling sluggish, or the exercise videos and equipments and gym memberships to keep us in shape. You don't need gimmicks and scams. You need to live by real, lasting principles that work. The principles that God has already laid out. It took me years to discover these principles; and when I did, it was like the biggest light bulb moment ever. When I discovered these, it finally put me on the path to total health—keeping a healthy weight, staying strong, having through-the-roof energy, a radiant complexion, the total package, mama! Because finally, I learned to do it God's way. Our society does it one way and it turns into a big money-making rabbit hole—executives getting richer, and moms getting poorer and fatter. God says in scripture, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways." Here's the deal—God's way works. Not just for a month or two, but for a lifetime. That's why this program works. It's based on principles that are found in the Bible--a book that has been around for thousands of years, has a proven track record, and has a success rate of 100%. Instead of jumping on the latest diet and fitness bandwagon, why not choose a program that has proven to get results over thousands of years? You don't have to be religious to do this program. Religion has nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with choosing the long, healthy, abundant life that God created for you to live. See, this program works for total health. It doesn't help you just lose weight or just increase your energy or just overcome illness. It does everything. Like I said, it took me years to discover these principles and then come up with a way to make them work for a busy mom. And after seeing so many moms try so many things and fail so many times, I decided I had to do something about it. I figured out a way to put all the principles and methods I discovered over the years into a thirty-day program that can be done in 5-7 minutes a day. If you're anything like me, you don't have time to schlep it to the gym, you don't have the luxury of planning out separate meals for yourself when you've got a family to feed. That's why this program works. I developed it for busy moms living busy lives who are sick and tired of being sick and tired,…and fat and flabby. It works because it's made for a mom, by a mom—not some board room executive who wants to make more money or some celebrity trainer who gets paid to exercise and pose for pictures that are airbrushed later. I call the program "Thrive in Five" because it only takes five minutes to listen to the daily audio lessons.

The "Thrive in Five" program is fantastic! Hannah has abundant insights, motivational tips, and hands on videos to show you specific exercises that you can do anywhere, portion control on your plate, and even "healthy" grocery shopping! Hannah also helps you to understand why you may be overeating and not caring for you body and gives you the tools to make changes! It is a life changing program and worthwhile investment in your life! Lisa Wheeler, Midlothian, VA

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Now, let me tell you what this program is NOT:

  • It's not a get skinny quick scheme. This is a life program. It's about building skills and habits and little-known techniques to establish a life of health. And when you go through Thrive in 5, you have it for life. If you ever need to access it in the future, it's yours. You can go through it as many times as you like.
  • It's not a isolated treatment plan. So many items that are sold today are to just treat isolated symptoms of an overall problem. Energy drinks so you don't feel sluggish. Diet programs so you lose weight. Exercise videos so you can get in shape. Thrive in 5 is uniquely designed to treat your total health, every aspect of it, inside and out. It doesn't just treat a symptom here and there. It is uniquely designed to treat everything—body, mind, and spirit.
  • It's not a need-based product. Have you ever stopped and realized how most health programs and products are designed to create a need in the consumer so the company can get a continual stream of money? Diet programs that you need to pay for month after month? Exercise programs that you need to pay membership fees for over and over? They are designed to make women dependent on their product or program. That's not freedom, that's slavery. Thrive in 5 is developed not to create a need, but finally—to give you a solution.
  • It's not a band-aid. Most health programs are treating the symptoms of a much deeper problem. Obesity, lagging energy, sickness—these are just symptoms of bigger problems going on. Thrive in 5 gets to the root of the problem. It treats the cause of these symptoms, so you can finally be free of them.

Thrive in 5 works so well, that I offer a sixty-day money back guarantee. You have 30 days to go through the program and then another 30 days to see if it sticks. Sixty days! If you're ever unsatisfied with anything about the program, I insist that you contact me and let me give you your money back. That's it, plain and simple! In fact, my team thinks I'm crazy, but if you're not happy with the program, then I demand that you get your money back and I'll even pay you an additional ten bucks, on one condition—you send me the completed program so my team can research your progress and see what went wrong and where we can improve. My goal is so that you no longer have to spend money on programs and products to fix your health. I want you to be free of that. I want you to experience full and abundant health, the health that God intends for you.

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I loved Thrive in Five! I have been on a healthy "path" for a while but find myself straying from time to time. What Thrive in Five did for me was help me think about my body on a CELLULAR level. I've always looked for superficial reasons to exercise: Get into skinny jeans, get into shape before a vacation, or even before "pool season," etc. For the first time there is no "end goal." There's just this new lifestyle because I am now thinking about what food, exercise, SLEEP, etc. does for my body on a cellular level... I'll never be the same. I now realize I was made for more... way more and I'm ready to claim the life I was meant to have. I chose to do this program over the holidays in an effort to help me stay on track rather than "give myself a break" since it was the holidays, after all. Rather than gain the normal 5-7 lbs. I usually gain every December... I only gained 2! I enjoyed myself and time with my family and didn't deprive myself but I made WISE choices... REASONABLE choices, and those two pounds are already GONE! I feel great and am excited about what God has in store for me. Worth. Every. Cent. Kelly Cecil, Mechanicsville, Virginia

Do you want to continue to throw money away on another gimmick or quick-fix solution? Or are you ready for a program that lasts for life. Think about it, you could spend over $4,400 a year trying to lose weight only to gain it right back, and spend years trying out different programs and techniques that won't get you the results you're after, or you could get one program that builds principles that will give you total health to last a lifetime. You would think this program would be hundreds of dollars. It's actually valued at $249. But, like I've already told you, I'm a mom helping moms. I'm not out to make a killing in the boardroom. I don't even have a boardroom! I'm here for your success, your health. I'm pricing this 30-Day program at only $67.00. That's a little over $2.23 a day!

Imagine! What if you were able to —

  • Break the bonds of obsessing over your body and your weight.
  • Develop the one simple technique that will make you kiss stress goodbye.
  • Find out the four elements that define true health (it's not what you think!)
  • Do one thing to make you conquer cravings—for good!
  • Discover the one simple step that will help you overcome stress eating forever.
  • Learn the three reasons you must eat fat if you want to lose weight.
  • Find out the single thing you can do that will make fat melt off your body (don't do this, and you're stuck with it for good).
  • Get the three-step cure to beat the "sugar monster."
  • Discover the easiest formula in the world to regulate your eating (calories, schmalories!)
  • Make this one little "idiot-proof" change in your diet and lose weight.
  • Find out the three simple steps you must do to stop exercising and start having fun!
  • Practice the twelve super moves that will blast your body into shape.
  • And much, much more!

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Here's what Thrive in 5 will do for you:

  • Help you reach a healthy weight and keep it that way.
  • Increase your energy so you can get more done.
  • Improve your strength so you can have a tone body.
  • Boost your internal health so you can overcome illness and fight off disease.
  • Develop habits in you that will ensure a long, healthy, abundant life.

But check this out! You also get three bonus audio tracks if you sign up now:

  • Five Keys to Mastering Your Health —Don't keep chasing illusions and empty promises. True health is so much more! Instead of falling for our culture's traps, learn what it takes to really master your health on every level. ($20 value/ FREE with program)
  • Taming Your Inner Brat —There's a little brat inside every mama who doesn't want to work, doesn't want to try, and wants everything to go her way. If you let her call the shots, you'll be in deep trouble. Hannah helps you tame her once and for all. ($20 value/ FREE with program)
  • Conquering Your Cravings —Have you ever reached for that chocolate cookie or those potato chips and then couldn't stop? If you give in to your cravings, you'll be stuck for good. In this mp3 Hannah shows you what cravings really are, and how to conquer them for good. ($20 value/ FREE with program)

That's a total value of over $300! And you get all of this for only $67.00 Don't waste another day being less than what God created you to be. You could be on the path to a healthier life before you go to bed tonight. It's not just a coincidence that you're here right now. I believe that everything has led you to this place, to this moment right here. But now the choice is yours. Are you going to keep throwing away time and money trying to treat symptoms? Or are you ready to take your health back?

This is your time. Let's make it happen—together!

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My reasons for doing the program were two fold: to look better (lose a few extra pounds of baby weight) and have more energy (I was so tired of always being tired). Your first lessons floored me. Such a wake up call to examine how I view my health. Changing my perceptions of health and my body was so freeing and set the tone for the rest of the program. But hands down, in a month where I would normally have been exhausted and frazzled, I felt GOOD. Really really good-- energized, at peace and joyful. I have not needed that afternoon cup of coffee, and actually don't want it! Other changes I've made-- I recommitted to walking every day, not when it was "convenient" and made it my time with God too. You are right, pairing exercise with something meaningful makes it not feel like exercise and is now something I look forward to. Also, I've gotten outside with my children more, and not only have we benefitted from being outside, we have played together! I've paired weights with floor time with my 4 year old, and it is part of our special time when the youngest is sleeping and the older 2 aren't home from school yet. Another favorite change-- not counting calories! It is so liberating to eat food and enjoy it! Thrive in Five helped me (like the Five Minute Mom) to properly focus my thoughts and actions. The result is a more fulfilled, and energized mom. Thank you Hannah! Stephanie, Rubis

First, the program is INCREDIBLE!!!! I have read countless books on health, fitness and wellness and I have never seen the information, encouragement and practical baby steps all pulled together like this. This program has the potential to take anyone from STUCK to moving toward a life of total health. My advice to someone looking to overhaul their health and their families health: Delete EVERYTHING you think you know about health. All the rules, guidelines, all the "what I should be doing." Go into this program with an open mind and a heart that is teachable. This program will walk you through every step of that process AND give you small action steps everyday that are attainable. It's fantastic. I wish I could wrap this program up with a beautiful big pink bow and give it to each of my girlfriends. Seriously. 🙂 (Pastor's wife and mama to Audrey, Abby and David Jr) Megan Hermes, Potomac Falls, VA

Hannah, I can't tell you how much this program has affected me. I have lost 5 pounds since I started this, because I quite worrying about food! Started eating when hungry and stopping when full. Stopped worrying about calories, started making movement fun! I am so ready to help you spread the word about this program, it will be life changing for me as I take the time to work through things! Busy moms don't get much quiet time to think and pray! I've been trying by bites and pieces! Thank you Hannah! Wendy Yutzy, Red Lake Ontario

I really enjoyed your Thrive in 5 program. It was insightful yet easy to understand. There were so many good ideas for eating and exercizing that I now use, as well as the info explaining different health features of our bodies. This program is different! I never thought about asking God for help in this area, but it makes so much sense! He often tells us we don't "get" because we don't "ask", so I asked Your positivity is a blessing to us, Hannah. Thank you! Carol Masteller, Williamsport, PA

A home-run! I was willing to do the work but I needed direction and this was it! I enjoyed this program. It challenged me and moved me to a better place in my thoughts and feelings, as well as my actions and my body is so thankful. I did this for me, but my family prospered from it as well. I appreciate this help. Tiffany Judge, Michigan

Hannah, your Thrive in Five is THE BEST! Here I am yet again needing to thank you for all your hard work. The program just blew me away! I knew it was going to be great, I did the 5 Minute Mom and Total Mom and got so so much out of them but this just took me to new levels of health and happiness, I feel better now than I did when I was a teen. I seriously have more energy and look forward everyday to getting another chance to take care of myself. You are such a blessing and God is using you to help other moms get out of this darkness we get ourselves in and into this energizing light. The program is worth hundreds of dollars! I am so grateful to you Hannah! I am telling everyone I know about it, they need to invest in themselves and they will be so glad they took the step. Katherine Shumaker, United States

With 3 kids I am busy no doubt but your program is so easy to do! Only 5 minutes to listen to and I print out the transcript so that I can go over it the next day or when I need a boost. I really enjoy your "sermons" and am referring to my bible more now. Thank you for this program. Stacy Cobb, Ohio

As always, I learned a lot from you from Thrive in Five! I really appreciate your humor and tough love that you give us Moms. Paula Saladino, Michigan

The Thrive in 5 program has given me the tools and the motivation to make life changing decisions. I am on my way to a healthier lifestyle that will impact not only me, but my husband and children also. Thanks Hannah for all you do to help others and give them the courage and confidence to change their way of doing things Coleen, Texas

Very informative and motivational. Thank you, Hannah! Cathy Joyce, British Columbia, Canada

I enjoyed Thrive in Five. I reallly enjoyed listening to the audio in the morning and then printing out all the material and reviewing it and completing the lesson before bed. I really wish there was a workbook to go along with the lessons to save printing out all the individual lessons. It is good grounding material, nothing earth shattering, as I thought it would offer more technical information, but good stuff none the less. I hoped it would include more information on food, ie: Alkalizing foods and simple recipes I could use with my family. I know raw is best but the kids like stuff cooked for them. 🙂 And maybe more of a structured diet to follow. I understand getting my emotions and thoughts are important in the process and I really appreciate all you have done with this program. I enjoy your website and blog and I liked watching Hannah Help Me whenver I could catch it on tv. Thank you Hannah for all you do for us Mamas!! Wendy Montgomery Wendy Montgomery, Arkadelphia, AR

I loved the Thrive in Five program! Due to an injury I had to stop exercising for awhile, however, I can't wait to pick it back up after I get the go ahead from the doctor. Hannah's encouraging program is a breath of fresh air and her plans for keeping it simple and healthy are easy to follow. Hannah has struggled through the same issues and understands what we go through as moms. Harmony, Texas

Thanks so much, Hannah!!! This was a GREAT program! I looked forward to it every morning. You helped me get my head on straight, and now my body is starting to be happy again...I lost 5 pounds on the program. I felt happier, more in control of my eating, and didn't have those awful cravings. YES! Thank you for helping me become the mom that God has designed me to be! Thanks, too, for providing the written transcript. I need to keep reading through those to keep me on track. I wish I could download the audios to listen to them over and over again. Hearing your voice is such an encouragement to me. Well, thanks so much for motivating me and giving me hope again! Julie, Wisconsin

I love, LOve LOVE Thrive in 5. I was sad to see the 30 days end. It was so great . I learned so much and it has given me the knowledge and power to continue to make good choices for my health and hopefully my family's health too. Thank you for bringing another fabulous program to the table. I have been telling all my family and friends to check it out. Holly Patterson, Salt Lake City, Utah

I thought the Thrive in Five was very informative and good. I've lost approximately 6 pounds so far... Lorraine, Ashburn, Virginia

I LOved, Loved, LOVED the thrive in 5 program. I learned so much and it helped to relax about losing weight. Once I started focusing on being healthy and being healthy to take care of my body, losing the weight and being active is fun and easy. Thank you so much for bringing another great program to the table. --Holly Salt Lake City, UTAH Holly Patterson, Salt Lake, UT

This program has given me the tools to succeed. I no longer feel I can't, but that I can and that even in small ways I'm successful and will continue to succeed in a healthier lifestyle. I have shared these ideas with a friend and we both are feeling that we are positive, strong, and healthier Mommas. Kelly , Munnsville, NY

Hannah's Thrive in Five has helped me to change my thinking about diet and exercise (food benefiting or harming to a cellular level, boundaries bring freedom and exercise is FUN!!--just to name a few). Thanks Hannah! Elisabeth, Calgary, Canada

This is awesome. I have enjoyed everyday of your program and thank God for speaking to me through you. Today I have discovered the enemy is trying to STEAL MY SUCCESS through lack of self control. Afina, Auckland, New Zealand

I've have gotten soo much out of these thirty days, love love love the program!! I planning on going thru them again. Believing to change my body and my mindset about food and why to loose weight. I haven't implemented as much as I should've. Please pray for me as I go thru it again. Thank you for putting this in my hands!! Sheila, Oklahoma

I was pleased to discover that your encouragement and my practice in getting more disciplined with my health spilled over to developing discipline in other areas of my life. Thank you for your instruction and encouragement. I had no idea before this program that one of the purposes of fat is to store toxins. A week later I read the same thing elsewhere. We truly are "fearfully and wonderfully made." Sam, Iowa

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