Alice is Back and This Time It’s Personal

We all know Alice. She’s that chick that stumbled down the rabbit hole and ended up drinking some poison, eating some cake, having tea with a mad hatter, and hanging out with this cat that smiles a whole lot.

I had the Little Golden Books edition of “Alice in Wonderland,” and I’m still partial to it. It loses some of the romanticism that Lewis Carroll threw into the mix, but you get the general idea. Plus, it’s colorful, adventurous, and perfect for little kids.

The movie was colorful. The movie was adventurous.

Keep the little kids away.

“Alice in Wonderland” hit the theaters recently and I took the big kids to see it. Looking back, I’m sure glad I left the little ones at home. There was waaaay too much voilence. When the queen cries, “off with their heads,” she means it! And plucking an eyeball out of someone’s head? C’mon, really?

So, with that word of warning, let’s talk about the movie.

From a creative point of view, let me just say that Tim Burton is genius. But, during parts of it, it was almost too much. A little like an ice cream sundae that went way too heavy on the toppings. Toppings make the ice cream sundae, for sure. But, sometimes, you just need a dose of plain old vanilla to balance everything out.

“Alice in Wonderland” was an interesting take on an timeless tale. Alice travels back to Underland–years later, and everyone there isn’t quite sure if she is the real Alice or not. Alice isn’t even sure of the reality of the situation. But, the message was clear. We all would like to slip away into a secret wonderland every once in a while, but it takes more resolve and diligence to shoulder responsibility and make our wonderland here in reality.

Alice made the right choice.

Go, Alice. Go!

And Johnny Depp, you’re way sexier as Captain Jack.

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