American Heritage Girls are here and they are SO not kidding!

Klara just joined a group called American Heritage Girls. It’s kind of like a Christian alternative to girl scouts. Actually, when I say she joined a “group,” I’m using that term very, very loosely. We live too far away from any of the clubs to actually join, so we did what any God-fearin’ homeschoolin’ mama would do–we just up and started our own club! One of my friends, Lottie, wanted her daughter to take part in it, too. So our club of one became a club of two!

It’s pretty cool. The teacher to student ratio is 1:1.

When we had our first meeting, Lottie and I were laughing our bee-hinds off at the humor of having a “club” meeting with two girls.

The girls found nothing funny about the situation. You do NOT joke around about American Heritage Girls, I tell you. You just don’t do it!


Here they are learning how to memorize their oath.


Here they are learning their salute.

After our official club meeting, the last activity was to have a serenity circle. This is where all the girls in the club cross their arms and sing a song.

Please excuse the quality of the last picture, but seeing two girls staring at each other, nose-to-nose, with their arms crossed singing a song was just too much. It threw me over the top. I was laughing so hard I could hardly hold the camera still.


HEY! This is a SERENITY circle we’re talking about here, SERENITY! It’s no laughing matter. These girls are on a mission.


I have a feeling that America is in pretty darn good hands with these girls.

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