The Blind Side–You Gotta See This Movie!

“No, he’s changing mine.”

This had to be my favorite line from “The Blind Side,” a movie based on the true story of Baltimore Ravens lineman Michael Oher, and his Cinderella upbringing. Leigh Ann Tuohy, the mother in the story played by Sandra Bullock, was sitting with some friends and they were discussing the peculiarity of the Leigh Ann’s situation in which this upper-class white family had taken in a young boy who had fled the projects. One of her friends was complimenting her and said, “You’re changing this boy’s life!” Her response?

“No, he’s changing mine.”

Sometimes, we can be so deceived in our acts of charity. Sure, when we push the envelope and give a little more to charity, give that homeless guy a meal, or maybe volunteer some time at a shelter, we are indeed changing a person’s life for the better. But the real miracle is what that act does in our own life. I’ve learned that it feels good to give—really, really good! And the bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the return.

That’s what I admired so much about this movie. It showed that love isn’t just an act that you do in charity. Love is simply the way you live. And the more you give of yourself, the richer you become—in so many ways. And when you change a person’s life, be prepared for a metamorphosis like you’ve never experienced before. Michael Oher was on a collision course as he fled the projects and was living on the streets. Fortunately, the Tuohy family intervened. They took in Michael without a second-thought. It was just the right thing to do. And God used this act of kindness to push Michael into a future that was greater than he could have ever imagined for himself.

All of you know that I am a super cheapskate. I spent MONEY on this movie. I didn’t just rent the sucker. I bought it! It has some language and a bit of questionable content, but without it, I don’t think the movie could have accurately described the life that Michael Oher had been living in the projects.

Mom Alert: This is PG13, so it is not appropriate for children. However, if you skip over the one scene where Michael runs away from Leigh Ann and goes to look for his mother, the younger ones may be able to watch. For a complete review (language and all), go here.

So, have you seen this movie? If so, what did you think? I want to know!

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