It’s Prom Time!

It’s prom time for Kelsey and Katie! The day started out pretty relaxed, until 3pm hit and the girls hit the panic button.

“Where’s my eyeliner?”

“Who moved the hairdryer?”

“Oh, No! I’ve got a pimple!” (that was me)

But, seriously, it was quite the event getting these two girls ready for prom. The bathroom was declared a danger zone for little kids because of all the curling irons that were in use. And, of course, I went along because I helped chaperone the event (if you call sitting in the corner with a laptop as chaperoning).

In our family, we discourage dating. Instead, if there is interest between a boy and a girl, we get to know the interested individual as a family first. Usually, that’s enough to scare off any potential beaus…the thought of prolonged visits to the Keeley house with board games included. If there is a guy that is willing to make the cut, and if he’s willing to ask permission to come over and get to know the family, then that’s the first sign that he has character.

If you want to call it “courtship,” then be my guest. I prefer “torture.”

So, instead of getting picked up by dates, I took the girls and a couple of their friends to IHOP for dinner. It was so much fun! We had pancakes for days!

I am so happy that I get to share this wonderful event with them and I am so grateful that they actually liked having me along for the ride (or maybe that’s the only reason they liked having me along…so they could have a ride).

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