Doing laundry rocks!

Okay, okay. I know you saw the title of this post and are probably thinking to yourself, “That Hannah has lost her mind!” But it’s true. Ever since I got my new washer and dryer (by participating in the Frigidaire Test Drive via Mom Central), I’ve discovered laundry doesn’t have to take all day to complete. Who knew?! The Affinity washer holds way more clothes than any standard size washer I’ve ever seen. And the washer and dryer both are incredibly energy efficient — reducing energy usage up to 30%. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that they’re efficient because we sure do a lot of laundry with a family of 9. But what I really love is some of the cool extra features. They have specialty cycles to get your whitest whites or deep clean and sanitize and, my personal favorite, even wash your stuffed animals! How cute is that?

Yep, it’s official. Laundry rocks!

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