It’s Zone 1: Detox your Kitchen!

In case you missed it, we skipped a zone last week. I’m so sorry, but it’s been a bit crazy on this end because we’re doing some major improvements on the website (which will be a huge relief for all those mamas who write me and say, “Okay, Hannah, I tried to register for something and had a huge problem…” Hopefully, we’re going to blast those website problems to smithereens. Thanks for hanging in there, though. You ladies are awesome!

Now, back to this week’s zone. We’re back in Zone 1 and if you’re not familiar with zoning your home, you can read all about it right HERE. If you’re already “in the zone,” then you know we are working our little bee-hinds off in the kitchen this week, doing some serious de-cluttering and deep cleaning. Our special project this week is to detox that kitchen! I know many of you made some New Years resolutions to eat healthier. Chances are, you may have already strayed off of that path by now. Well, Mama, get back on it!

This week, go through your fridge and your pantry and detox it. Toss out all those products that you know are not healthy and consider doing without or replacing it with something healthy. For example, you may want to toss out those junky snacks that the kids (and you) like to munch on. You can always get some healthy snacks like fresh fruit, sliced veggies with dip, whole grain pretzels or chips, or organic dried fruit. It may cost a little extra, but isn’t your family worth it?

And while we’re on the topic of “expensive,” think about all the food you purchase that is a waste of money–just empty calories that drain your pockets without feeding your body. Sure, I know that we all need a little convenience here and there, but make sure that you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck and being smart about your choices.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get (back) in the zone!

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