Magic School Bus does it again!

Before any of you mamas start thinking I’m heading off into the electronic future with my iPad, think again. I’m still that old fashioned notebook and pen kind of woman. But my husband, Blair, is NOT!

I got a chance to preview the Magic School Bus Oceans app for the iPad. And although I don’t have an iPad, Blair does. If he weren’t married to me, he would be married to it. I know, it’s sad, the poor, deluded guy…

So, I jumped on the chance to try out the app for two reasons:

1. Klara, my 7-yr-old, loves anything to do with oceans; and

2. It would make Blair get off the iPad.

And it worked! Klara tried out the app and it was awesome! There are so many ocean facts and videos in that thing! She had checked out every single book on oceans at our local library, and STILL learned new stuff from this app. It actually takes you on a Frizzle adventure down underwater, learning cool stuff about the ocean. Mamas, if any of your kids are interested in the ocean, you’ve got to try this out.

But, sadly, it didn’t work as I had hoped for reason #2. The app was so much fun, that Blair ended up playing with it, too!!!

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