This Week’s Giveaway: Kathi Lipp book set!!

We’ve all been there. Our darling husbands say something, do something, or sometimes just think something and we just LOSE IT! Your marriage should always be a project in the work. That’s what sets apart the average marriages from the uber-fantastic ones!

And don’t you want an uber-fantastic marriage?

I sure do! That’s why I got Kathi on the phone the other day and grilled her left and right on what it takes to turn the man you love into the man you love even more. Do not miss this workshop! I’m serious! And if I were your husband, I would be telling you to stop whatever you’re doing and listen to what Kathi has to say RIGHT NOW!

But I’m not your husband.

That would be weird.

So, listen to this interview and leave a comment sharing one of your best tips on how to treat your man RIGHT, and you’ll be entered to win a “KATHI PACK.” That’s right–not one, but TWO of Kathi’s awesome books! I look forward to hearing from you!

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