It’s Zone 4: Yard Sale Time!!

I was on my way to take our kids to their soccer games Saturday morning and there they were, all lined up along the road:


I got a thrill just seeing them (even though all I could do was slow down and gaze longingly). I’m pretty sure about 90% (if not more) of the items in our home were acquired through a yard sale or Craigslist. I’m a sucker for used stuff!!

So, this week we are going to do the big heave in our homes!

By the way, if you are new to zoning, you can read all about it right HERE. If you’re already zoning with the best of us, then you know that this week we are deep cleaning and decluttering Zone Four. And our special project this week is to heave all that trash out of our homes! C’mon, it’s the perfect season for yard sales. Why not use that as an excuse to get your rear in gear and get rid of all that stuff that’s just hanging around.

We all know how to do a yard sale, but I’m going to share three sneaky tips on how to get the momentum:

1. Set the date–that way, you can’t back out. Even go so far as to advertise on Craigslist. That way, you’re stuck for good!

2. Make a countdown calendar–on your calendar, set a day for each room in the house to collect items you can part with. Remember, baby steps, baby steps.

3. Make it a family project–you didn’t acquire all that junk by yourself, so you don’t have to declutter it by yourself. Get everyone involved and give the kiddos some incentive. Maybe they can keep the money they get from parting with their belongings.

Hope that helps! Now let’s get crackin’!!!

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