Two Down; Five to Go

It happened.

Another one of my kids graduated.

I looked around at all the gray-haired parents and realized, “Oh my groceries! I’m one of THEM!” Yep, I’ve joined the ranks of the parents who go to bed before their kids do and interact with them via their Facebook accounts. Okay, it may not be THAT bad. But, I am struck with the harsh reality that my kids are growing up way sooner than I would like.

I snapped some cute pics at the graduation.


Here’s the whole gang right before graduation. I love the tell-tale sign right in front of them: Nope! You can’t put it in park any longer, babies! It’s time to get a move on!


And there they are all marching to their doom…I mean, to the graduation ceremony.

And here’s a cute pic I took of Katie and her sister, Kelsey:


This is the picture I wanted to take, until Karis photo bombed it:


But he’s evidently not the only photo bomber in the family:

So, it’s true…I’m one of “those” parents…

Wow, it’s just going way too fast!


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