What do you want–Safety or Spidey?

My four oldest teenagers went to the midnight premiere of Spiderman the other day. It was the first time my youngest teenager was going to a midnight release without either me or Blair. And I’ve got to tell you..it was a bit nerve-wracking!

As my teenagers climbed in the car and headed off to the theater, I shot up some “flare prayers”:

* God, please protect them.
* Father, hold them in your hands and guard them.
* Lord, place your shield around them.
* Almighty God, send your angels to surround them.

Evidently, I wanted them to stay safe and sound as they ventured out to the theater, not to come home until close to 3:30am!

Like any mom, I didn’t sleep very well during those hours when they were gone. I woke up at the slightest noise. Then 3:40 rolled around and I heard the sound of tires on our gravel driveway. “Thank you, Lord! Thank you for protecting them!”

I went downstairs to greet them and when they came inside, they were practically bubbling over with excitement. And there was Karis,  holding a collectible Spiderman action figure!

“Mom, you’re never going to guess how I got this!” He said. “There were hundreds of people there! And they drew four numbers to give away action figures. Check it out, mom! I won one of them! They called my number!”

I was so excited for him. What an awesome surprise! Then I heard the voice of God speak to me, deep down in my heart. “See, Hannah? I have more planned for these kids than just safety. Pray bigger!”

Isn’t that so true for us as moms? We crave safety for our kids. Of course we do. That’s just natural. Our job is to protect them and nurture them. But, we can’t limit God’s work to just safety. We need to take the limits off and start praying for an adventure. We need to pray for God to do a mighty work through their lives. We need to pray for His Spirit to rise up within them. We need to pray that they live out the extreme destiny that God has planned for their lives, whatever it takes.

God has more in mind for our kids, and for us, than just safety. He wants us to be blessed to extreme. But that means we need to live out of the safety zone once in a while. It took a Spiderman action figure to teach me this lesson. God has some awesome surprises up His sleeve–for our kids and for us. Peter Parker could have just stayed Peter Parker. But evidently, his number was called and he stepped out of the safety zone into an adventure.

An adventure lies waiting for your kids. Are you praying for it? God has their backs and He is calling their numbers. Trust Him and take the dare to step out of safety!

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