Jeff Usner: The Secret Millioniare’s Secrets

You may have seen Secret Millioinaire, the show that takes a millionaire and puts him or her anonymously at work with charitable organizations. At the end of the show, the millionaire reveals who he really is and gives a hefty financial gift to the organizations. If you haven’t seen this show, then WHY NOT? As much as I advocate turning off the television, this is one circumstance when the television is on and we’re tuning in. Also, you should probably keep a box of tissues nearby.


My good friend, Jeff Usner, was on Secret Millioniare on Sunday night and I hoped you got a chance to see it. If not, Hulu the darn thing and watch it. This is great stuff, Mamas! I managed to score an interview with Jeff, but I didn’t talk about his experience on Secret Millionaire. You can find plenty of interviews that talked about that if you’re interested.

Instead, I focused on what we all want to know:

How did you get your millions?

Few people know the tragedy that Jeff actually went through. Just a few years before his superstar millionaire status, Jeff found himself financially destitute–on his knees, in tears, wondering how he was going to feed his family.

This Secret Millionaire has some secrets of his own behind how he established his wealth, and he revealed everything to me in this interview. I’ve got to be honest with you, Mama. Very few interviews have brought me to tears, and this was one of them.

If you want to continue to scrape by financially, then go ahead and click off this link. If you enjoy living paycheck-to-paycheck, then don’t listen to what he has to say.

However, if you’re ready to finally understand the real secret behind financial prosperity, then you cannot afford to let this slip by. Set aside about forty minutes, get a pen and paper, and listen to Jeff tell you the secret behind his millions. How often are you going to get the chance to corner a millionaire for over half an hour to reveal to you step-by-step how he achieved his wealth? And how YOU can, too?

You WILL be blessed! This is such a life-changing workshop that I am airing the workshop THREE TIMES this week, so everyone has a chance to attend. There will be a workshop on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at 8pm EDT. You can listen on the phone, or just come back to this page and tune in. You may even want to listen to it all three times! And make sure you share it on Facebook and tell your friends. Get the word OUT!

And don’t forget to check out Jeff’s website to find out more about him.

Jeff Usner: Secret Millionaire

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