Wednesday Workshop: Love Languages

Have you ever tried to communicate to a person who doesn’t speak your language? You end up grunting and pointing, and it usually just leads to frustration. That’s how a lot of marriages are working today. The problem isn’t loss of affection or busy lives. The problem comes down to communication.

Enter Dr. Gary Chapman.


This pioneer in marriage counseling has discovered that people communicate their love in five different ways. If you don’t learn the language, you can’t communicate the love and it fizzles away faster than cheap fireworks at a fourth of July picnic.

Whether your marriage is smokin’ hot or a flaming mess, you cannot miss this workshop. Set your alarms for Wednesday, August 1st, at 8pm EDT and call in to the number below or just come back to this page and hang out. You’re going to get some revelation that is going to rock your world!

Get ready for your marriage to hit the next level!

Dr. Gary Chapman: The Five Love Languages

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