Giveaway: The Penniless Princess

We’re all familiar with The Little Princess. A young girl is faced with tragedy, but learns that she is still blessed beyond belief. Well, Veggietales has done their own “Little Princess” story, but turned it into a true lesson in self worth.

When a girl that seems to have it all is suddenly faced with poverty, she finds out where her true worth comes from. And it’s nothing that can be bought with money. It’s a beautiful lesson in knowing how valuable you are in God’s eyes; and it’s something every child should know.

Self-worth is an important aspect of raising children. I try to teach self-worth to my children by always complimenting them on their good actions and never letting one slip by without recognition.

I’ve got a copy of the new Veggietales movie, The Penniless Princess, to give away. Just leave a comment on how you teach self-worth to your children and you may be randomly picked to get this week’s giveaway!

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