Are You Taming Your Inner Wolf?

I had such a great time this past Friday. We went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA to visit the brand new wolf pups that they brought in recently. They are about five months old and are beginning to lose their “puppiness” and looking a lot more like wolves. The Wolf Valley habitat at Busch Gardens is perfect for these little guys, but there was one problem–

They didn’t have a pack leader.

Fortunately, a German short-haired pointer named Mia stepped up to fill the role. She is serving the role of pack leader and ensuring the pups remain submissive until they are transitioned into the larger pack. It was kind of funny to watch this dog showing the wolf pups all the ropes.

I was so excited to be invited to get up close and personal with them. Check it out. I’ve never been this close to a real, live wolf before!

The funny thing about is that I really shouldn’t be able to do this, but because of how they have been domesticated, I was able to reach out and pet them. Pet a wolf! How crazy is that?! By the way, if you live anywhere close to Williamsburg, VA, you should get yourself over there and check them out. The people at Busch Gardens can fill you in on all the details. They certainly know their stuff.

On the way home from Busch Gardens, I was thinking about the wolves and how they have been domesticated. The specialists there told us that they howl during the night. I wonder if the dog thinks the wolves are odd for howling, or if the wolves think the dog is odd for not. There must be so many instinctual behaviors that come out–the desire to hunt and explore, to chase down prey, and, yes, howl at the moon.

Then I thought about how many instinctual desires we have tamed in ourselves. All of us have a need to explore and a desire to chase down our dreams. Have we been tamed? Have we chosen to follow a leader who has kept us submissive? Who are you listening to? What advice are you taking?

It’s time to rock motherhood! It’s time to quit listening to our culture to find out how we need to act and who we need to be. Listen to that instinctual spirit that God has placed within you. Do more! Be more! Chase down those dreams and don’t stop running until you catch them. And if…on a still black night, with a huge full moon, you feel this rising desire to howl…

Why not?

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