It’s Zone 1: Eat Your Pantry!

What the best way to save money at the grocery store?

Eat your pantry!!!

And this is our special project that we are going to do in our zone this week. By the way, we are in zone one this week and we’re deep cleaning and De-cluttering our kitchens, pantries, and dining room. And here’s our special project–we are eating from our pantry.

First, I want you to go through your last two bank statements and figure out how much money you have been spending on groceries and eating out. When Blair and I did this a couple of weeks ago, I was totally shocked at how much we had been spending on nothing but….FOOD! Please don’t overlook this step. If you are going to get motivated to start saving money on food, you have to first wake up to how much you are actually spending. It’s tough, but please do it!!

Second, drill this sentence into your head: “I’m not buying food while I still have food to eat.” Here’s the truth, mamas are shopping for groceries every single day while their pantries and cabinets and fridges and freezers are stocked full! And half the time, they are spending money that they don’t even have. Stop the madness! This month, I want you to do something bold. I want you to eat from your pantry and quit spending money. I tried this out and it actually works! So, before you rush on to the next step. Make sure you make a commitment that you are going to eat what you already have.

Third, grab a notebook and pen and go through your pantry, cabinets, fridge, and freezer and plan your meals according to WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. I did this during July and cut my grocery budget by 75%!!! And we all ate delicious food. You can do it! I promise! Plan your meals for this month around the food that is already in your home.

Fourth, go to the bank and get cash to spend on groceries this month. I was super bold in July and I pulled out enough cash to equal 25% of the average amount that I was already spending on groceries every month. And I did it!! Actually, I went over by $8, but that’s only because I bought a lamp base at Walmart because the kids broke the other one. And the lamp base was $12, so I actually ate with $4 left over!

Don’t overlook this project this month. I challenge you to take this very seriously. So much of what we spend goes to nothing but food. It’s time to do something about it. Get bold with your money and quit just shoveling it out at the grocery store. Get committed! Think about this–money goes from dumb people to smart people. So, quit being dumb with your money and don’t buy any more food while you still have shelves full of the stuff.

This month, EAT YOUR PANTRY!

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