“Veggie Tray” Saute Surprise!

So, here was the problem. It was 5pm on Sunday night; and it had been a crazy weekend. Dinner plans? Not likely!

Everyone was getting hungry and I started nosing around the kitchen for something to pull together besides scrambled eggs. On Friday night, we had a reception at the church. As part of the reception committee (fancy name for the moms who stay late and clean up the church), I was left with all the food that no one wanted to pack back up and carry home. But, mama, you know me. I’m totally digging this! As a matter of fact, that’s secretly why I took the position in the committee…Yay! Free food! Okay, maybe I’m not that desperate. But, I will say that I took home some nice oatmeal raisin cookies and a barely touched veggie tray…(why is it always the veggie trays that are leftover??)

So, while I’m nosing around the kitchen, I saw these leftover veggies from the tray that I brought home Friday night. You can tell everyone in the family likes carrots, right? Tomatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli? Not so much.


So, I kept searching and found a bundle of beautiful asparagus that I couldn’t pass up in the grocery store on my last trip, a red onion, a red pepper, and some mushrooms that were closing in on “nasty.” I chopped those babies right up, right along with everything from the veggie tray! Well, except the tomatoes. I just kept popping those in my mouth while I chopped. Here are all the chopped up veggies.


I cooked up some pasta. While that was cooking, I sauted the veggies with some olive oil and spices. These are the spices that I used.


And here’s a pic of the veggies. Oh, mama, the aroma in the kitchen was heavenly.


After the pasta was cooked, I put a few spoonfuls of pasta in there just to keep the pasta from sticking together.


Then it was time to serve it up. Let me tell you what. That was some kind of succulent dish! If I had had some fresh parmesan cheese to grate on top, it would have been the bee’s knees. All I had was the sprinkle kind, so it was the bee’s ankles. Which is still a grade-A dinner in my book. Everyone ate it up! And the boys were shoveling it into their mouths so quickly, I had to remind them to slow down. When I did, Karis said, “but, it’s…just…so…good!”


I’m checking off this little experiment as a success story.

Now, I would write up a recipe right now. But, you know as well as I know, that I don’t keep up with measurements. Personally, I would rather have a little ingenuity than a recipe. When you hit one of those mama walls, it helps to think creatively and use what you’ve got on hand.

And it doesn’t hurt to sign up to be on the reception committee!

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