It’s Zone 2: Time to Move that Furniture!

My mama is meticulous when it comes to keeping house. Me, not so much. Every time she would vacuum the house, she would move the furniture and vacuum behind and underneath everything. When I vacuum the house, I kick the dolls and legos out of the way.

Quite a difference.

Remember, we’re not going for perfect here. We just want our home to be lovingly lived-in and well-kept. But, we still need to make sure we keep a clean home and sometimes that means we need to roll up our sleeves and do the dirty work. (C’mon, a little hard work is good for the soul).

This week, we are deep cleaning and de-cluttering Zone Two, and our special project this week is BEHIND and UNDERNEATH all the furniture. This means that we are not just vacuuming under the furniture, but we are moving it away from the wall and cleaning behind it as well. Make sure you wipe off the walls (especially that layer of dust on the molding at the bottom of the wall). You are going to feel so great when this task is done! I know it’s a pain in the bee-hind, but it is so worth it!

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