It’s Zone 1: Get yer rear in gear and start planning!

This week, we are focusing on Zone One. We are decluttering and deep cleaning our kitchens, pantries, and dining rooms.

Now, before I go any further, I need to tell you that part of your special project this week is to incorporate some of my tricks for a user-friendly kitchen. And one thing I really want to stress is the POWER of PLANNING!

If you want to save time, save energy, save money, and save your SANITY, then, Mama, you’ve got to start planning. And if you were planning out your meals, but quit, then this is the perfect season to get yer rear in gear and get your act together again.

And, I’ve got your back every bit of the way.

First, you can download some of my free monthly planners and fill them out with favorite meals for the month; or you can just use the kitchen calendar that you already have. When you plan out your meals, do it for the entire month. It will take less time than you think and you won’t have to get down the calendar every single week to come up with new meals. Just one time, at the end of the month and you’re done!

Next, give yourself a break. I never plan meals on the weekend. For us, it’s leftovers (if we’re lucky enough to have leftovers). I usually come up with a meal at the end of the day, but most of the time, it’s a bowl of leftover chili or some veggie burgers that I found in the freezer. As for the other meals, it’s YOYO around here. YOYO stands for “You’re On Your Own.” My kids have just become accustomed to getting hungry on the weekends, coming in to see my typing away at the computer, and asking, “Is it YOYO for lunch?”

The answer, “Yes!” YOYO is always a good idea. Just keep it to the weekends so you don’t wear it out.

So, get your kitchen, pantry, and dining room cleaned up this week and start planning your meals for the rest of the month so you can put it into practice.

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