30-Day Power Purge: DAY 10

It’s time again…for the challenge of the day. Now, if you’re like me, you love a good “Family Movie Night.” The only problem with home entertainment is that it can get pretty cluttered, pretty fast.

Today’s challenge is your family entertainment.

My husband, Blair, taught me the concept, “access, not ownership.” In our current information age, it’s more important to have access to resources than it is to own them. For example, you can listen to anything digitally, you don’t have to own the CD. You can watch movies by accessing them online, instead of buying the DVD. So, it’s a good idea to clear out all those old DVDs and CDs and move into a new era.

However, I’m sure we all have those special items that we want to hold onto. AND NOTHING’S WRONG WITH THAT! Just make sure you organize them effectively–perhaps alphabetically or by genre. For my DVDs, I like to put a sticker on the top with the first letter of the title so I can keep them grouped accordingly.

If you have some gamer kids, then it’s also important to de-clutter the games and gaming equipment. Now, I know this is a de-clutter project, so I won’t get off subject but I just have to throw something out there—if you do have gamer kids, make sure gaming time is limited and they are still getting lots of sunshine!

The extra credit is to consolidate your home movies.

That can be tricky, because many of us have come full circle. We still have old tapes hanging around of our adult children as babies. Or maybe you’ve even got some of when you were a kid. If so, it’s time to pull all that together. You don’t have to convert them or anything. I’m just asking that you know where all of it is.

Today’s bonus is to clean and dust the entire entertainment center (that means pull that bad boy away from the wall and get after it).

So, no more talkie, talkie. Let’s go!

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