30-Day Power Purge: Day 25

I don’t even have to explain to you how important it is to have your first-aid supplies organized and accessible. You know it. I know it. When you have bumps, bruises, or boo boos, the last thing you need to worry about is where to find a stinkin’ band-aid!

That’s why our challenge today is to de-clutter all your first-aid supplies. I have an awesome way to do this, so make sure you check out the video.

The Extra Credit Activity is to make sure all flashlights in the house (and the car) have batteries and are easily accessible. This is so important! You never know when you’ll get stuck in the dark. Now, you’re going to be ready for it. Which, of course, means that you’ll never be stuck in the dark again (you can thank me later).

The Bonus Activity today is to tie up all those loose ends. We only have five days left, so make sure you start wrapping this purge up!

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