30-Day Power Purge: Day 27

Let’s mosey on into our laundry room, shall we? Today’s challenge is to de-clutter the laundry room (you knew I was going to go there, so just bite the bullet and let’s go ahead and get it done, k?).

The laundry room is often a place where lots of clutter tends to collect. There’s mending, sorting, and a mile-high pile of all the “treasures” that you pull out of pockets. Watch the video and I’ll show you what to do with it all.

The Extra Credit Challenge is to make your own laundry detergent. I know, that has nothing to do with de-cluttering, but it’s just SOOO nice to have your own healthy, homemade, cost-saving laundry detergent.

The Bonus Activity is to replace any of those old, nasty hangers with new ones. Don’t make me say it…

Okay, you made me say it…


The laundry room doesn’t have to be that boring place where you relegate all the mess. After all, it does a lot for you. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Appreciate it. And de-clutter that thing!



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