30-Day Power Purge: Day 29

Can you believe we made it here? Day 29, baby!!! We’ve almost arrived. But before we arrive, we need to make sure our purses are purged.

When it comes to purging purses, first you need to make sure you only have the purses you truly love. Don’t keep something just because it was expensive, or it worked at one time. If it no longer brings you joy, let it go!

After you do that, it’s time to purge the inside of your purse. As usual, dump everything out and put it all back in. But only put in what serves you. Don’t put a strain on your back by carrying around more stuff than you really need. It’s a purse, not a carry-on.

When you pare down to what you truly love and need, then it’s time for the Extra Credit Challenge. The Extra Credit Challenge today is to keep little bags inside a bigger bag. Here’s what I mean. Sort all of the contents of your purse by function. For example, put all your cosmetics together, and all of your emergency stuff together. Now find two small bags to contain these items, and place the bags inside your purse. This is such a simple method to organize the contents of your purse. This way, when you want to switch purses, all you need to do is switch the bags inside to another purse. So simple!

The Bonus Activity is to make your purses smell good. Place a sachet inside all of your purses to keep them fresh while in storage. That way, when it’s time to switch, you have a fresh new scent to greet you.

Do you have a clever way of organizing your purse? I would love to hear about it. Leave a comment below and share the wisdom!


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