30-Day Power Purge: Day 30

Can you believe it? We’ve finally arrived! It’s the very LAST day in the 30-Day Power Purge; and you made it!

Now, if there are any areas you did not get to, don’t fret your pretty self about it at all. You can go back and do the 30-Day Power Purge any time you feel like it. It will always be here for you; and so will I.

Today’s final challenge (should you choose to accept it) is to purge your car. I mean really purge your car. Get every bit of trash out of that sucker, vacuum it, scrub it, clean it top to bottom, and you’re going to feel like you’re driving around in a brand new ride.

The Extra Credit Challenge  is to prepare your care for any type of emergency (and no matter what the video may suggest, a sugar craving does not constitute and emergency). Here are some items you should carry around in your car:

  • first-aid kit
  • flashlight
  • flat tire kit (jack, fix-a-flat spray, towel, spare tire)
  • laundry basket (for shopping items)
  • car box (sunglasses, lotion, chapstick, etc.)
  • umbrella
  • water bottles
  • small trash can (made for cars)

The Bonus Activity is to make your car smell nice. There are lots of ways to do this (refusing to carry kids around is not an option). You can get an air freshener, spray it with Febreze, or put some essential oil on a piece of cork.

Now I want to hear from YOU! What are some things you always carry around in your car? How do you keep it clean and smelling nice? We’re all in this together so I want to hear your ideas.


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