Stewardship with Chris Brown

Let me first explain something. When I told my kids I was interviewing Chris Brown, they said, “Mom! No way! How cool is that! Can I meet him? That’s so D-O-P-E!” (Evidently, my kids thought it was Chris Brown, the rap artist, not Chris Brown, the money expert.) Well, rap music may be exciting. But what is even more exciting is mastering your money, and not letting it master you!

Evidently, Chris Brown is a pretty common name. But something that is NOT common at all is stewardship. That’s why I asked Chris Brown to be my guest on the “Crazy Blessed” podcast. And boy, oh boy, did that man drop some serious wisdom!

Chris Brown has a daily radio show where he provides biblical insight and expert advice to callers with questions related to handling money–including debt, wealth, retirement, and more.

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I would buy a ticket to fly to Nashville and take this man out for coffee, just so I could get a fraction of his wisdom–not just on money management, but on LIFE! And you can have it just by pushing “play” on this podcast! (That’s a lot cheaper than a ticket to Nashville!).

The basic truth is this–we are all stewards. It’s not about what is yours and what is God’s. It’s all God’s, and we are just given the privilege of managing it. When you manage it poorly, it’s destructive. But when you manage it well, HOT DIGGITY-DOG!! The blessings abound! Find out how to be blessed through stewardship in this fantastic (not RAP-tastic) podcast!

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