April Osteen Simons–What My Mother Taught Me

Its’ so true! If we would just listen to our mamas the FIRST time, our lives would be so much easier. I don’t know how many times my mama could have easily said, “I told you so.” But she didn’t. She let me listen and learn. Although, looking back, I’m so grateful for all those times I actually did listen. Because those were the times I actually did learn!

I can hear my mama now,

“Hannah, you shouldn’t eat so fast. It will give you indigestion.”
“Hannah, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything.”
“Hannah, you probably shouldn’t dance like that. It’s not flattering.”
“Hannah, those shoes aren’t sensible. You’ll trip and fall.”

I’ve tried to listen to my mama through the years because it’s always nice to have someone who’s been there and done that and will help you along the way. Plus, my mama’s pretty awesome. And, Mama, if you’re reading this, I still don’t take your advice on the shoes. Sorry ’bout that.

April Osteen Simons knows a thing or two about taking her mama’s good advice. She’s one of the rare people who actually does and tells about the incredible results it has achieved in her own life.


Crazy Blessedwith Chris Brown (5)

In this real and raw podcast episode, you’ll get to hear from April and her mother’s advice that has helped guide her throughout her life, on issues such as:

  • How to pray with power (instead of these wimpy prayers that fizzle out and die before they get a chance to take root).
  • How to triumph over tragedy. You’ll hear exactly what April saw her mother and father do on the day they got the diagnosis that her mother had terminal cancer. This is shocking!
  • How to be real. Goodness gracious! If there is one thing we moms need to come to terms with is how we are real women with real struggles that we can REALLY overcome.
  • How to pray over your children before they ever walk out that door. (Don’t let them walk out without hearing this).

Make sure you check out April’s new book, “What My Mother Taught Me.” It’s a keeper!!

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