Here’s to the Fools!

This past weekend, I went to see La La Land. Let me correct that. This past weekend, I went to see La La Land—twice!

The last time I went to see a movie twice was Star Wars.

No, not Rogue One. Not even Force Awakens.

It was Star Wars. The original. Episode 4. Old school. Luke with the BeeGees hair. And, I just exposed a little too much about how old I am.

But I saw La La Land twice. I honestly didn’t understand why I liked it so much. The music was great. Choreography was amazing. Wardrobe was on point. Acting was off the charts. But, there are a lot of stellar movies out there.

Then I realized what pulled at me so much, and why I cried during the Audition Song. And why when the lights came on in the theater I was ready to sit back down and watch it all over again.

It was because I’m such a fool.

I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s about two people who chase their dreams. And for anyone who has ever had a dream that kept them up at night and woke them with a start in the morning, you know what I’m talking about.

Fools come in all shapes and sizes. They are the actors who keep on showing up for auditions when they never get a role. They are the entrepreneurs who keep picking up the phone after they get a continual stream of rejections. They are the parents who keep loving their impossible children. The preachers who keep preaching to empty seats. The writers who keep sending out their manuscripts in spite of the rejection letters. And the moms who just won’t quit.

And when I heard those words in the movie, I couldn’t help but feel my heart break a little bit and tears well up in my eyes:

Here’s to the fools who dream
Crazy as they may seem.
Here’s to the hearts that break.
Here’s to the mess we make.

I remembered sitting in special education classes because I couldn’t focus my attention, standing in bankruptcy court when my first business fell through, and speaking in a huge conference room with only a handful of people there to hear me.

I recalled being advised to go with the flow, get my head out of the clouds, scale back, settle down, get real.

But when your dream in your heart is more powerful than the voices in your head, you have no option but to keep moving forward. Anyone can quit. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But, fools don’t understand how to do that. They’re crazy enough to think their breakthrough may be just around the next bend, or a miracle will arise, if they just keep showing up. You can call them optimists, fools, dreamers, renegades, or slap a diagnosis on them and medicate them, but you just can’t make them quit.

God knew what He was doing when he created these crazy people. First Corinthians 1:27 tells us “God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.” God made these fools for a reason. He gave them impossible dreams and ridiculous vision. Not so they could achieve it, but so He could, through them.

But dreams are messy. They don’t get manifested in 128 minutes in the theater. They take weeks, months, years, decades. They take money you don’t have and energy you can’t muster up. But, somehow, some way, you just do it anyway. Normal people know when to throw in the towel. Fools grab the towel, wipe the sweat off, and get their crazy butt back in the ring.

Because the failures, the mistakes, the messes, they’re just fuel on the fire. Because they know, deep down inside, when God breathed that dream in them, He didn’t include the option to quit. They know that God has something big to do, and for some strange reason, He chose them to do it.

Fools think that they can sleep with hungry lions, kill giants with stones, build a boat in a desert, break down walls with a shout, part seas, and walk on water. And, because they know the power in them is greater than any force that comes against them, they manage to do it. One way or another, it just happens. The breakthrough breaks through. The miracle arises.

Here’s to the fools who dream. Here’s to those people who keep walking forward when it’s too dark to know where their foot is going to land. To those who can’t sleep because their dreams keep them awake. To the ones who believe that impossible things just mean it may take a little longer.

Here’s to you! If you’re still reading, then you’re probably knee-deep in your own foolish mess. You’ve throught about quitting a million times. It would be neater, cleaner, safer. It would make sense. But you know deep in your heart, regret is more painful than failure. So you just keep waking up and showing up.

Take a deep breath. Shake it off. Wipe off that sweat and get back in the ring. Join the rest of us crazy people who refuse to back down. Your breakthrough is building up and that miracle is on the move. Keep going. Keep dreaming. Keep believing. Keep making messes. And keep being foolish.

Do you make the cut? Are you one of those crazy people? Post a comment and share your foolish dream with me. I want to join you in the ring. I want to fight by your side. I want to join my faith with yours and see that miracle arise. C’mon, fool. Let’s get after it!

One more thing–somewhere out there, one of those fools just may be considering quitting. Please share this, and let’s breathe new life into those beautiful messes we make!

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  • Michelle Luinys

    I spoke to a friend on the phone a few years ago. One of her children was ill & had been so for several years. She was dispirited, tired & said she was giving up. I remember saying “Hey, you don’t have that option love. You’re the Mum. We NEVER give up on our kids no matter what. I know you’re tired & feel like it’s all a waste of time but it never is. Whatever the outcome you can make it through at his side & with you at his side whatever the outcome he will be OK because he knows that you’re always there. Praying, caring, crying, watching, fighting & sometimes phoning someone to say “I can’t do it.” to be reminded that she was & could.” By golly she did too. She learnt that she was never alone & although it was the hardest time in her life it was also the greatest because now she knows for sure that Mums can do anything & so does her son.

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