3 Words to Tell the Devil

Do you like seeing your kid picked on? Do you enjoy when your child is treated unfairly? Stolen from? Lied to?

Of course you don’t. No decent parent would behave that way. I’m thinking that if you saw your child treated that way, it would probably cause your blood to boil. If we were together I may even have to hold you back before that “mama bear” instinct landed you in the county jail for a night!

We get fiercely protective over our babies. Mess with me, no problem. Mess with my babies, you just signed your death sentence.

It’s time to tap into that same righteous anger and let’s get fiercely protective over claiming what is legally yours as a child of God!

When you asked Jesus to be Lord of your life, you crossed over into a new kingdom, a new system with new principles, laws, and systems. You transferred your citizenship from the earthly realm to the heavenly realm.

There is no one more miserable than a believer residing in a heavenly kingdom, trying to live by earthly principles. And, unfortunately, that’s the condition that most believers find themselves in. It’s time for the church—believers—to take back what the enemy has stolen and start learning how to live in a state of perpetual favor and abundance.

We do not need to be scraping by on a diet of “survival miracles,” watching God pull us out of one mess after another. We should be living in abundance mode, residing on top of the mountain, instead of struggling through the valley.

It’s time to go “mama bear” and exercise your authority over the enemy. And you can do it in three simple words:

Fall in place!

Whether you realize it or not, you have authority over the enemy. He does not have authority over you. In Luke 10:19, Jesus tells us, “Listen carefully: I have given you authority [that you now possess] to tread on serpents and scorpions, and [the ability to exercise authority] over all the power of the enemy (Satan); and nothing will [in any way] harm you.”

That’s right. You have power over all the power of the enemy. And in 1 John 4:4 we are told that “He who is in you is greater than he (Satan) who is in the world [of sinful mankind].”

How cool is that? Satan is under your feet, Honey (Romans 16:20). The only weapon He has against you is a really, really good bluff game. If he can convince you of his lies, then he has you right where he wants you—backed into a corner, afraid and hopeless.

Satan is a liar. Lying is his native language and it’s the only thing he can speak (John 4:4). And he will tell you lies all day long, as long as you’re listening. He’ll tell you you’ll always be broke. You’ll never heal from that disease. Your marriage will never be restored. You child will never get his life straight. Oh, he’s good at telling lies, because he’s been telling them for ages.

But he has no power over you. He can’t hurt you. He can only get you to hurt yourself. When you start believing his lies, you lay down that shield of faith, you toss aside your sword of the spirit, and you give up.

Well, Sweetheart, I want you to shake that off because you’re not going to give up. Not today and not on my watch. Pick up that shield of faith. Take hold of that sword of the spirit. And let’s shout it out together:

Fall in place!

Satan’s place is under your feet. When he messes with your home, your money, your marriage, your children, your health, see it for what it is. He has just committed an illegal act! According to the laws that govern the spiritual realm, he just messed with something that is off limits!

Now, catch him in the act and command that he “fall in place!”

A couple of days ago, my phone totally stopped working. Dead. Kaput! It wouldn’t even take a charge and it’s brand new. I do about 98% of my business on my phone, so when that happened, I gave Satan a warning:

Listen up, you vile, disgusting thing. This is not your property. It belongs to me, and I belong to my Daddy. You just crossed the line. All things, including my phone, have to work together for good because I am called by God according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). If I have to lose a day of work because of your tactics, you better know that you are going to have to return to me seven-fold, according to God’s covenant in Proverbs 6:31! Now fall in place!

My phone didn’t start working. Bummer.

But is it?

All the way to the Apple store, I was rejoicing. I’ve got a full week’s vacation coming toward me! I don’t know when, and I don’t know where, but according to the covenant I have with God through Jesus Christ, His Word is law. And when I know it, I can enforce it, and put that devil back where he belongs.

No matter how big or how small, God’s covenant covers everything, You’ve got to know it, believe it, and enforce it.

And tell that devil to fall in place!

Now it’s YOUR turn. Are you ready to take your place as a commanding officer in the army of the Lord? Are you ready to put the devil under your feet where he belongs? What illegal act has he committed against you and what promise in God’s Word are you going to stand on? Share below so I can stand with you in this fight and let’s make the enemy fall in place–together!

  • Stefanie

    Hi Hannah! I saw you in Peoria, IL yesterday…I knew alot of what you said but your enthusiasm and how you explained we can use our authority over evil just hit home with me. I’m 48, mom of 2 boys…17 and 20. I was abused my my father for 18 yrs, cheated on by my 1st husband of 3 yrs and have lived in fear the majority of my now 24 yr marriage. He’s a good man but suffers from PTSD and anxiety disorder from serving in the Army. So I did my math (had to use the calculator) and the devil owes me 336 years of peace, freedom from fear and worry, love and full acceptance. 48yrs x 7 fold. I did declare it, i’m praising and thanking God for it and now I’m looking forward to the rest of my life. Thank you so much for blessing me!

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