The 3 Words that Helped Her Lose 50 Pounds

First, let me clarify by telling you that I do NOT watch a lot of TV (maybe a movie on the weekend). I do NOT keep up with celebrity gossip (I didn’t even know Brangelina broke up until last week). And I do not care that much for celebrity weight loss stories.

That said….

We were eating breakfast in a hotel during Thanksgiving break, and the television was on showing talk shows.

You know how it is. You just can’t help but take a look.

Well the “Wendy” show was on and when I looked up at the screen, there was this beautiful woman looking all fit and trim.

“Hold up,” I said. “Didn’t that woman used to be a lot heavier?”

My husband glanced up, shrugged, and went back to his banana and hot tea.

I got my cell phone and started doing research (aka, googling).

Sure enough, Wendy Williams had lost 50 pounds. Well, I couldn’t stop there. You know how that celebrity stuff is. It just sucks you in. I had to continue. I was too far gone by that point.

In a recent interview regarding her weight loss, Wendy was explaining how she lost all that weight. She just said that one day she told herself, “Push back, Fatso.”

I couldn’t help but start laughing at that remark.

Push back, Fatso!

What can we learn from Wendy? That change can happen in a moment. It only takes a moment to make that ONE decision that will totally change the trajectory of our lives. Let me give you an example:

I’ve had enough of this clutter!
I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!
These kids are going to learn some discipline!
I’m through with being broke and busted!

Sometimes it takes years to get to that one pivotal point where you make a life-altering decision. Sometimes, unfortunately, we never reach it at all. I’m sure you have had those “Push back, Fatso!” moments. Where you just hit rock-bottom and decide the only way out is up.

But what’s the difference in those moments that come and go, and those moments that lead to real, lasting change? I’ll tell you in one word–ACTION!

I guarantee after Wendy made that declaration, she didn’t follow it with a plate of nachos or some deep-fried ice cream. She followed it with action. Which meant taking authority over the food she put in her mouth and starting a fitness program.

You know why? Because…

Any real, powerful choice you make in your life MUST be followed with some type of life-altering action. Now, I’m not saying that the heavens need to burst open and you need to be radically transformed in a moment. I’m just saying once you come face-to-face with a harsh reality, you need to make some pretty powerful decisions and then take action before those decisions can drift away into the wasteland of wishes.

Just to help you, here are a few tips I’ve found to make sure a decision actually results in a life change (and you’re not stuck in the same place you were before).

1. Put pen to paper. I’m a big believer in planning. I go through notebooks like a chain smoker goes through packs of cigs. I write down everything! Planning is powerful and when you schedule something, it makes it real. As Tony Robbins says, “if you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.” Schedule it, put it on paper, make time for it, and follow through.

2. Get accountability. Sure, I know. It’s easy to keep changes to ourselves because if we don’t follow through, well… who’s to know? And that is exactly why you MUST share your plan with someone. Get accountability. Get a partner in crime. Get someone who will kick your butt if it gets out of line. (And for the sake of your marriage, do not pick your spouse).

3. Take immediate action. It’s easy to plan it for later. But nothing hits home then taking some type of immediate action on your decision.

Need to get your finances in line? Print out the last three months of statements and set a time to go over them and create a budget.

Need to get in shape? Drop and give me twenty! Just twenty crunches or push ups, do one exercise DVD, do five minutes of yoga.

Need to spend more time with your kids? Then go read to them. Get out a board game and play it. Grab some paint and brushes and have art time.

The point is, take action NOW! Do something that will make that action real. And before you now it, you’ll be “pushing back” with rocket power!






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