Get Your Pretty On with Alison Lumbatis

Do not dim your light just to make others feel better about their darkness.


Oh my, oh my… Do I have a treat for you.

My dear friend, Alison Lumbatis, and I got together a little while ago to talk about “gettin’ pretty.”

Before I continue, I just want to call out anyone who is already thinking that this weeks lesson isn’t for them:


You’re feeling overwhelmed. You’re hours and hours behind on your to-do list. With the screaming baby and kid taking a sick day from school. It seems like almost every day there is a new challenge being thrown at you.

It’s called: Motherhood.

This isn’t just “life.” Ok? This isn’t a never ending “rough day.” It only seems like way because of how you perceive your role. 

This is your career. Would you show up half late, coffee-less, still in your pajamas to an office job? HECK NO.

You would show up with excellence. You would hype yourself up in the car on the way to the office and GET READY for the challenges that may face you. And you would face them like a boss! What makes your job as mom any different?

This is your career and Alison is going to show you how to start treating it with excellence.

BONUS: Follow these tips and you will end up LOVING you job more than ever!


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So, you’ve found yourself in the “yoga-pants-mom-rut.” It’s ok! We’ve all been there!

I’m sorry, Mama, but you’re going to have to fold up those yoga pants and put them back in the drawer. NEW RULE: They only come out for actual yoga.

You heard me!

Alison and I have both come from the yoga-pant-mom-rut. It’s not impossible to get out! And guess what? It’s not expense or  time consuming either!

The reason why most moms don’t even try with their wardrobe and appearance anymore is because they don’t think have the time or money.

THANK GOODNESS for Alison Lumbatis!

She has practical tips that actually work!

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Alison has a great tip when it comes to buying clothes: what you should splurge on and what items you should go cheap on.

She also has tips and tricks for choosing the right items and pairing them together!

But best of all, Alison and I have a step-by-step process for cutting the “getting dressed and ready” time and still looking like a HOT MAMA!

I need to stop… I don’t want to give to much away.

Watch now and start getting your pretty on!

and remember, don’t start getting pretty for anyone else but you.


Getting Your Pretty On begins with ROUTINES! It’s all about how you prepare before you go to bed and how you arrange your day when you get up!

Do you need a little help in the “routines” area? No problem! I’m giving away my Rockin’ Routines handbook for FREE! Click the picture below to get your copy now!


In this episode, you will learn

  • (2:16) Is the snowball effect happening to you? Check out Alison’s snowball story and how she overcame the yoga-pants-mom-rut
  • (3:16) How to get pretty even when you’re not feeling it
  • (4:15) Why do moms fall into the rut? 
  • (6:00) How getting your pretty on will have a positive effect on your family
  • (8:20) Why it’s important to keep getting your pretty on even when it’s difficult and there’s no time.
  • (9:30) The OTHER results you will get in your life when you start getting your pretty on
  • (10:20) How getting your pretty on will eventually change your mindset
  • (13:00) Learn HOW to get the great pieces and pair them together
  • (14:20) Systemizing fashion
  • (16:40) The secret to saving time when picking out clothes in the morning
  • (17:00) Hannah’s CRAZY effective closet tip
  • (19:00) The one problem most moms have when getting their pretty on
  • (21:00) A message for the overwhelmed mom who thinks getting her pretty on is impossible and irrelevant
  • (23:00) The next step you MUST take


Don’t worry! I didn’t forget. You can get Alison’s GORGEOUS earrings featured in this podcast episode here. Just click the picture below!

Be blessed like CRAZY,

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