Getting Creative With Jennifer Allwood

Your biggest job in life may be the person you are raising.


Has there ever been someone that you IMMEDIATELY connect with? It’s like you’ve known them your whole life even though you met like five minutes ago?

Well, that’s how it was with my friend, Jennifer Allwood. This amazing woman is not only the most creative person I know, but she also has such a beautiful servant’s heart. Next to painting castoff furniture, she loves nothing more than seeing women rise up in their creative genius. And we are all creative geniuses in some way. After all, we were made in the image of the Creator!

As moms, it is so easy to forget the value of motherhood.

EVERYONE is born with a passion and a creative talent. While you are raising kids, it’s common to feel like you have left your passion and goals behind.

Do you feel like you aren’t using any of your creative gifts?

“It is impossible for the children of the Creator to have no creativity.”

I was able to sit down with Jennfier and talk about why moms feel this way and just how wrong they can be…

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Motherhood is no small task. God has a special call for moms and He has equipped you with all the talent, skill, and creativity you need to succeed.

So check it out! Learn how to be faithful in your “mommy” season and find out just how gifted you really are, Mama.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • (4:15) How you need to start “thinking” when it comes to your skills and creativity.
  • (6:00) Why motherhood is a skill and requires creativity.
  • (7:00) How to start understanding your “seasons” and God’s perfect timing.
  • (9:30) How to be faithful in the season God has put you in.
  • (12:00) Why you need to stop belitting the task of raising your kids
  • (12:45) How to know when you step out of God’s favor.
  • (13:20) What it means to take your thoughts captive.
  • (15:00) What really happens when you enter a new season.
  • (16:00) How consistent routines will keep you sane.
  • (18:00) What God wants rather than your list being checked off..
  • (21:00) What happens when you seek God first.
  • (22:30) How you’re disobeying God by putting tasks off.
  • (25:00) Why families are under attack and what to do about it.


Be blessed like CRAZY,

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  • Erika Shughart

    Oooh Ladies that was so good! So many truth nuggets!
    I just finished the REST Part #2, and this message of saying no/don’t overcommit/take time to rest, has been coming from all directions and I am just so thankful, because the peer pressure to do to much is hammering me from all sides. God’s timing is truly perfect. But the biggest thing I am taking away is “delayed obedience is disobedience.” I NEEDED THAT kick in the pants. So thank you!

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