It’s Going Down Part One

Did you know you have the power

to narrate your own life?


Do you want to know what absolutely breaks my heart?

When the enemy comes at us with lies, our first tendency is to become fearful, stressed, and panicked.

“Jesus died on the cross to give you the power and authority in Him. Don’t let that death be wasted.”

You guys! Fear and stress don’t come from God… This is the devil LYING TO YOU. You and I have authority through Jesus Christ that allows us to say, “Satan, it’s going down.”

[bctt tweet=”Instead of panicking over the lies of the enemy, learn to speak the TRUTH and turn the tide in your favor!”]

I have steps in which I take when it’s time to tell the devil off. Follow my instructions, and you will be able to 1. recognize Satan’s lies and 2. shoot him down in his tracks.

Are you with me?! Let’s do it. Let’s tell the devil, “it’s going DOWN!”

[bctt tweet=”Jesus said, ‘I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance to the full, till it overflows.’ “]



In this episode, you will learn:


  • (1:30) Why Satan steals, kills, and destroys.
  • (3:00) What happens when Satan’s bluff game works.
  • (5:00) What happens when you don’t know how to “play the game.”
  • (6:48) How to “play the game?” and recognize Satan’s lies.
  • (7:30) God’s will for your life!
  • (9:10) What’s really going on when you think God is “teaching you a lesson.”
  • (10:00) All about Satan’s game.
  • (12:00) How to react to the lies of the enemy.
  • (15:00) What I mean when I say, “God is not your errand boy.”
  • (19:00) All about your hang-ups when imitating God.
  • (23:00) Where God’s blessings come from!


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