It’s Going Down Part Three

Faith is a muscle. You need to exercise it to get stronger!


AH! This is soooo good… We’re on the final part of the It’s Going Down series! You don’t want to miss it!

This lesson is PART 3 of a 3 part series. If you haven’t tuned in to Part 1 or 2, make sure you check those out in the blog!

Part One

Part Two

Previously, we talked about distinguishing Satan’s lies from God’s truth and how you need to approach Satan so you NO LONGER are the butt of his jokes. Today, we’re talking about how you can get that abundant life even when the enemy keeps messing with you.


“Speaking Gods words out of your mouth is the one and only way to battle the enemy”



So you know how to distinguish Satan’s lies from the truth.. You know how to call Satan out on his lies.. Tune in NOW to find out how to FIGHT the enemy!

You don’t need to live in fear that Satan is constantly out to get you … Yes, he is. He steals, kills and destroys. But you have the power to fight him off! You don’t need to live in fear! Stand on God’s Word and you are victorious!

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When you call Satan out on his lies, you are thrown into battle. You need to be ready to fight off those evil little lies the enemy is telling you.

But did you know that most of us enter battle without a weapon? That’s how Satan wins!

If we don’t see miracles overnight, if we start feeling depression coming over us… The enemy has won!

It’s called battle for a reason, Mama. It’s a fight!

Don’t forget your weapon… Bring the Word of God with you in EVERY fight and every fight will end up in your favor! Because you have the favor of God.

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Do you need a little inspiration? Stay tuned and check out what David says to Goliath in battle. It’s EXACTLY how we need to tell Satan, “it’s going down!”



In this episode, you will learn:

  • (1:00) What it means to resist the devil
  • (2:50) How to battle the enemy
  • (3:40) How a lot of us go into battle and the biggest mistake we make
  • (5:00) Why we don’t need to be powerless and the best tool we can use
  • (7:00) How the enemy uses fear against us
  • (8:09) Find out what Satan’s goal is
  • (8:45) The trap we always seem to fall in to
  • (13:00) Faith and how we use it
  • (14:00) How we prevent our own breakthroughs and what we can do to STOP
  • (16:00) How Satan “predicts” your future and how to fight him
  • (20:00) What happens when we allow the enemy to speak to us
  • (24:00) David teaches us how to talk to our enemy

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