Pep Talk with Terri Savelle Foy

Don’t just use your words to describe your life, use your words to change your life.


Have you met my friend, Terri? This incredible woman describes herself as a cheerleader for dreams! Terri is a success coach to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. So many dreams have come back to life because of how this woman teaches.

She believes that if you can dream it, GOD can do it!

And it’s true!! My life changed the day I started dreaming and speaking positive declarations over my life. It doesn’t depend on WHO is dreaming. It depends on the God you believe in.

You have GOT to check out my interview with Terri. You will not believe the power you have if you just believe it and dream it!

[bctt tweet=”If you change what you’re saying, you’ll change what you’re seeing.”]

One of the many reason why I love Terri is that she has real and effective tips and tricks to change your life for the better!

She tells us all about her two-step process (which is the language for success) and the secret to your future… This is some juicy stuff!


“When you speak, you release your faith with the words out of your mouth. It’s time to start reciting God’s promises!”


Moms today are finding themselves in a rut more than ever! I can’t believe the stories I hear about moms just feeling hopeless… Moms are the heart of the family. They should be dreaming more than ever!

Today is the day you begin speaking positive declarations over your spouse, family, and home.

I promise, your jaw is going to drop at how God works when you start believing!

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In this week’s lesson, Terri tells us what the secret to our future is… SPOILER ALERT: It’s in your daily routine! The things you do every day determine your success in the future.

If this is something you need a little work on (or a lot), check out my FREE EBook, Hannah’s Rockin’ Routines.




In this episode, you will learn

  • (1:45) The two-step process you need to learn to start speaking positive declarations
  • (3:20) What Terri started doing that ended up changing her life
  • (4:00) How to know where your life is headed
  • (7:00) Find out who you believe the most out of EVERYBODY
  • (9:50) Why it seems like speaking positive declarations only works for “some” people.
  • (10:15) Find out what the secret to your future is
  • (11:40) The Five P’s you NEED to know to change your life
  • (17:00) How to speak over your life just as God speaks
  • (18:00) The two most powerful words in the WORLD
  • (20:00) What happens when you aren’t specific with your goals
  • (24:00) What you need to start doing to seal your declarations


Be blessed like CRAZY,

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  • Sandy

    That’s good stuff & I definitely struggle in this area & have been stuck because of it! Thank you!

  • Jan Weed

    I really enjoyed this episode! Thank you!

    Was there a “part one” of this talk?

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