Movin’ On Up Part Four EP078

Gods word is effectual. It is supposed to yield results in your life!

I have such a cool story to tell you!

One of my daughter’s close friends was in town the other day. She is incredibly sweet and an amazing woman of faith!

Something most people know about her is this: She wants to be married. More than anything!

She is at a certain age in her life where most of her friends are getting married or having babies. I asked her how she feels about all of this going on as a single woman.

She looked at me and told me something incredible:

“Oh … I celebrate it!”

You can imagine my surprise because this is normally a touchy subject for single women.

She celebrates it, ya’ll!

She later told me that she is thrilled when her friends get engaged or pregnant. She is always the first one to throw the bridal shower or the baby shower.

I asked her why she enjoys doing this so much and she told me that if she were to be bitter, jealous, or sad, what would that do for her friendships? But also, what would that do for the blessing and promotion that is waiting for her?

It makes her happy but it also gets her excited about the promise of her future spouse and her future family.



Promotion does not come from man.



You already know her blessing is coming and it will just pour over her when the time comes! And it will be SO GOOOOD when it does! Praise God!

Blessing and promotion come from God. That’s it!

Being bitter, unteachable, and lazy does nothing for us because it does nothing for the Kingdom.

Do you want to get unstuck? Like… NOW?!

I have 5 CRAZY GOOD traits that you need to start implementing in your life if you want to see some change.


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We’ve learned about diligence and the power and authority you have in Christ Jesus.

Now it’s time for you to get your action steps!

Learn these 5 Traits… Practice them everyday! Trust me, you will have the opportunity to do so everywhere and everyday!

Only then will you truly see the results that you have been trying to get in your life for YEARS.

You’re Movin’ On Up, now it’s time to Move On OUT.

Don’t miss out on these 5 Traits! Listen in now!


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In this weeks lesson, I talk about how changing one thing in your life can effect EVERYTHING. For example, the excellence in your marriage will bleed out onto your parenting skills and your finances. Trust me, this WORKS.



Change one thing in your life and the excellence will bleed everywhere. Start by changing your daily routines!

I have a free eBook called Hannah’s Rockin’ Routines. Guys! I swear by this book. Start changing your routines and you will Move On Up for sure! 



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In this episode, you will learn:

  • (2:30) The first trait you need to work on
  • (3:40) What happens when you take things one at a time
  • (5:40) A huge problem 98% of moms face
  • (7:00) How to get promoted
  • (8:50) Practicing excellence with what you have now
  • (9:20) The next characteristic you need to get DOWN
  • (10:30) How to take advice and who to take it from
  • (13:20) What to do when the things you hear don’t line up with God’s word
  • (14:2o) The next trait you need to work on! This is a good one!
  • (16:00) What happens when you start making improvements in your life
  • (17:30) How to be humble
  • (20:00) One of the most overlooked keys to prospering in your life
  • (25:00) How to reap a harvest

Be blessed like CRAZY,

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