Movin’ On Up Part Three EP077

You are a child of God! With that title, you have a God given inheritance to blessing.

Do you remember trying to get your child to jump into your arms?

Maybe it was that first jump into the pool. Those little toes were gripping the very edge and you were saying, “Come on! Jump! I’ve got you! Trust me!.”

It took WAY longer than it had to and as soon as you caught that little angel, you looked down at that face full of laughter and adrenaline and you said, “See? What did I say? Why were you so afraid? Mama’s got you.”

You had to hardest time trying to convince your that he or she would be safe. You KNEW that there was nothing bad that could happen but the child had to make the first move to understand that.


You are the temple of the Holy Spirit. The glory of God is inside of you.



When I imagine God planting dreams into our heart and giving us every opportunity to make our dreams become reality, I see him as that parent in the pool.

He’s saying, “I’ve got complete control and you have everything to make this happen… Just go!”

It says in the Bible that WE are the temple of the Holy Spirit. The glory that was the light on the first day of creation … The glory that grows and expands every single day… the glory that never shrinks… resides in US.

*pause so you can actually understand how amazing this is*

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A huge reason why people stay stuck is because they can’t fathom the power they have through Christ Jesus.

If you fully understand the power and authority you have, you would be fearless.

It’s time to dust off your dreams. The dreams that seem impossible and maybe even make you laugh because “how could you possibly think about doing that right now…”

Come on. Let God be God. Move. Just watch what He can do through you.

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You should be getting inspired and excited! But it’s also time to start getting to work. Movin’ On Up isn’t just about the right attitude, it’s about taking the right actions.

In this weeks lesson, I’ll give you the 4 things you NEED TO DO to Move On Up. Do these, and you will starting moving and never look back.


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In this episode, you will learn:

  • (2:30) The beginning of creation. What did God say?
  • (4:00) You need to hear this … Your mind will be blown!!
  • (5:45) A fact about the universe you need to know!
  • (7:18) Find out where the glory of God resides.
  • (8:00) Why God puts CRAZY desires in our hearts.
  • (9:00) Learn that it is not selfish to dream!
  • (10:00) What can stand against the glory of God inside of you?
  • (11:10) Find out what you were created for.
  • (13:00) Learn what God wants to do through you!
  • (14:10) The four things you need to know to move up and out!
  • (16:30) The frustrating way so many people live..
  • (18:00) A promise from God.
  • (19:00) What you need to get in line before you can change and move on up!
  • (20:10) How you need to start thinking.
  • (22:30) What diligence will do in your life.
  • (24:00) Where faith and patience come in to play.

Be blessed like CRAZY,

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