Believing Jesus with Lisa Harper

“God proves His faithfulness in my weakness.”

You know those days…

The ones that just feel impossible? You plan for everything but nothing goes right? You begin to worry and stress and all of the sudden … Everything is falling apart!

You begin to wonder if you’re even doing this motherhood thing right. Maybe you start thinking you weren’t made for this kind of thing!

We’ve all had one of those days … (or weeks)

Wouldn’t it be easier if there was someone that could take over so you could breathe and find your peace?

Well, honey.

We do!

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A while back, my good friend Lisa Harper and I were able to get together and talk about trusting God!

This woman is incredible! She has some amazing stories about God and the peace available to us when we believe and trust God.

Lisa and I have both been there.

We relied on ourselves to get by and be perfect!

If you were a perfect Mama and got everything right, why would you need God? If you allow yourself to acknowledge His power through your weakness. Oh, Mama … The tables would turn!

You can’t find peace unless you have faith. Trust Him first! Love Him first! There, you will find your direction.

He wants you to be able to rely on Him in your weakness.

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No longer will you need to worry about getting your life together. Through the love and faith you show God, He will show you how together your life is in Him.

Once you rest in God’s power, not only will you feel a HUGE difference, your kids and spouse will see it too!

Breathe. Smile. Trust Him. Love Him.

God’s got this.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • (1:00) Lisa’s AMAZING story.
  • (4:30) The lie most moms believe.
  • (9:00) God’s faithfulness in our weakness.
  • (9:30) A breathtaking story! You need to hear this … 
  • (11:00) Letting go and loving Jesus first!
  • (13:00) The power in the book of Acts.
  • (13:13) The first step to accessing God.
  • (14:25) It’s not about being perfect, it’s about trusting God.
  • (15:00) The equation you need to learn!
  • (16:00) How God delights in you.
  • (17:00) The power we can all rest in.

Be blessed like CRAZY,

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