Wonder Woman Part Two EP080

The extent to which you tolerate fear in your life reveals the extent to which you trust God.

Wonder Women… ASSEMBLE!

It is time for another Crazy Blessed Bible Study and oh mama… This is a good one.

Last week was Part 1 of this series and I seriously encourage you to listen to that message before moving on to past two.

We talked about God and the signs, wonders, and miracles He is STILL doing to this day.

If you missed last week, CLICK HERE!

Today, I’m talking on verrrrryyy touchy subject: Why you aren’t seeing the signs, miracles, and wonders AND how he can do these signs, miracles, and wonders through EVERYONE (including you).

Are you ready for a miracle!?

As ready as I can be!

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God IS doing signs and wonders today. There is no doubt about that. The proof is EVERYWHERE.

But I want to push you a little farther…

God WANTS to do signs and wonders today THROUGH YOU.

And you may believe that there are just “the chose people” and you aren’t one of them.


God already chose you.. It says so in His word!

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But Mama, it is up to YOU to come into agreement with God.


I guess you’re going to have to tune in!

This is the message you didn’t know you needed today and I highly encourage you to grab a pen or pencil, notebook, and Bible.

We’re diving in the Word!

Don’t miss out on this truth bomb we’re dropping today!





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In this episode, you will learn:

  • 1:40 The only way God can speak
  • 3:20 What you’re unsure of (if you’re not seeing signs and wonders)
  • 4:20 Following through in faith
  • 7:20 Does God ever go back on His word?
  • 9:00 A message for the people who are tolerating fear
  • 12:00 Taking authority over fear
  • 13:30 A huge reason why you may not be seeing signs and wonders in your life
  • 15:20 How to use the name of Jesus
  • 17:40 How you need to do battle
  • 21:00 The Law of Love

Be blessed like CRAZY,

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