Wonder Woman Part Three EP081

You have to be willing to get rid of your cleverness so you can trust God’s wisdom.

Ok, Wonder Women… ASSEMBLE!

It’s time for another Crazy Blessed Bible Study!

Today, we’re talking about the power of God at work in you! If you missed last week’s episode (part 2), you can check it out HERE.

I’m so sorry if this question “dates” me… But do you remember old radios? Do you remember trying to tune in to a particular station? All you could hear was static until, finally, you got a few voices chiming in.

Is the static a problem with the radio stations? No! Of course not!

The problem is with the receiving end. Your radio! Until you got those knobs turnin’ for you, you couldn’t hear a thing.

That is exactly what it’s like to have God’s power working in you. It’s there! God’s power has always been there… But have you put it to use yet? Have you tried to get that power working for you?


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It drives me crazy when people treat God like their little servant boy.

“God, please heal my marriage.”

“God, please get my kids to start obeying me.”

Honey, it’s okay to cry out to God! But God has also equipped you with His power.

You have the power to call your marriage healed in the name of Jesus. You can wake up everyday and thank God for the marriage He has already healed and love your spouse the way God has called you to love.

You have the power to pray BIG prayers over your children. Call them respectful and obedient in the name of Jesus!

Lives change when people “get up, take up their mats, and walk” with the power of God at work in them.

You can do the very same.

It’s in you!

You were made to do the impossible.


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Keep listening and find out what the scripture has to say about this!

Are you ready to see your life change around you?

Well, suit up, Wonder Woman!




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In this episode, you will learn:

  • (2:00) God WANTS to bless you, so get ready to receive it
  • (3:15) The power God has given you and what to do with it
  • (5:20) God’s power at work in you
  • (7:40) How to change your “inner dialogue”
  • (10:00) Letting God “fix it”
  • (13:00) Letting go of your cleverness
  • (14:20) What you were created for
  • (17:30) Are you guilty of this??
  • (20:00) Your joint account and the rights you have to it!
  • (24:10) Major truth bomb being dropped right now!
  • (27:00) You are a slave to nothing but hope

Be blessed like CRAZY,

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