Fit For The Fight, Part 2 EP088

Biggest takeaways you DON’T want to miss:

  • Did you know some people are actually hurting themselves by the way they are fighting their faith battles? Find out HOW!
  • There a RIGHT and WRONG way to pray for blessings! Listen now to learn the difference. This is so vital!
  • There is only one labor God ever intended for us. Today, we will go into details and learn about what it is and how to do it!

Have you been feeling desperate and stuck? God never intended for us to live a life of stress, poverty, and anxiety. In fact, He has a whole different plan for you and THERE you will find your joy.

Last week, during Fit For The Fight, Part 1, we talked about the fight. We went into detail about what the fight actually is and why it is a GOOOOD fight! If you didn’t catch it, listen now!

You don’t want to miss out on this week’s podcast. You are going to learn HOW to pray for blessings, WHAT to claim over your life, how to STAY faithful, and how to MANIFEST your Promised Land FASTER!

Blessing don’t have to take a lifetime. God is waiting for you to fight for your Promised Land. Are you ready to get in the ring?



Don’t forget to download today’s freebie! If you’re unsure how to get started with your faith battle, you NEED this: Fit For The Fight, Part 2 – Worksheet and 3 Part Action Step

Have you already listened to this podcast? GREAT!! But do you know how to take your faith battle to the next level? You need the right tools! Download your freebie now and follow along with Fit For The Fight, Part 2!

This isn’t a losing battle. We’ve already won. So let’s step into that victory!! What do you say?

Be blessed like CRAZY!

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  • jennokeefe7955

    I WILL NOT EVER PRAY IN DESPERATION AGAIN!! Holy spirit is working in me and you are part of that work! GOD BLESS YOU HANNAH!!

  • Shannon


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