Mom Mastery Live

The event dates are Friday, September 29 & Saturday, September 30, 2017.


Hilton Crystal City at Washington Regan National Airport
2399 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Arlington, VA 22202

Hotel phone number: 1 (703) 418-6800

Toll Free Reservation Assistance: 1 (855) 271-3617

Link for Hotel:


One weekend can change the rest of your life!

Let’s face it. There are proven strategies for success. You either know them or you don’t. If you know them, you can put them into practice and achieve success. If you don’t, you spend your life frustrated and overwhelmed. You were created for a life of abundance.

You can eliminate the overwhelm, calm the chaos, and restore order and peace in your home. It is possible! But you’ve got to have the key.

Here’s the key!

Spend a weekend with me and learn how to finally break out of your limitations and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Success isn’t an accident. It doesn’t just happen. You make it happen.

Let’s make it happen—together!

What to Expect

At MML, you will go through five transformational workshops where you will:

  • Discover why you will make progress for a short time and then quickly relapse and fall back into destructive patterns; and learn how to stop it.
  • Discover your personality and how to work with your style, instead of against it.
  • Find the destiny that God has in store for you and learn how to achieve it.
  • Take the flame that God breathed into you, and fan it into a raging fire!
  • Implement the fail-proof plan to get out of debt and start growing your wealth.
  • Get the skills to communicate effectively with your spouse and kids, in a way that will make them want to work with you, and for you.
  • Develop the skills to target destructive thought patterns and turn them into formulas for success.
  • Find out the secret to managing your home and your time in a way that is productive (no more getting to the end of the day and wondering what you did with all your time…).
  • Identify what is stopping you from being the mom you were meant to be, and turn it around–for good.
  • Learn the proven system to attract whatever you desire into your life.

Schedule Of Events

Friday, September 29, 2017
9:00am — Registration
10:00am — Session I: Breaking Out of Bondage
12:00pm — Break for Lunch
2:00pm — Session II: Reaching Your Wealth
4:00pm — Break for Dinner
7:00pm — Session III: Living in the Blessing

Saturday, September 30, 2017
10:00am — Session IV: Shining Your STAR
12:00pm — Break for Lunch
2:00pm — Session V: Achieving the Impossible
4:00pm — Farewell ( or dinner Break for VIP Moms )
7:00pm — VIP Mom Reception

About Hannah Keeley

Hannah is the founder of Mom Mastery University and the host of the reality series, “Hannah, Help Me!” She was a behavior therapist until she began having children. Seven kids later, she realized that moms need more help than anyone else in the world. She is the author of several books and the creator of the website,, where she gives moms the help they need to live the lives they want. Hannah has been on the Today show, Fox and Friends, and a frequent guest on Rachael Ray, sharing her advice and life-changing strategies with moms everywhere.

Now she’s ready to work alongside you.

Are you ready?